Boat Safe Code

Be aware

Swimmers are not obvious in the water

  • Keep a look out. Swimmers can be very difficult to see, especially when there are waves, sun glare or they do not have the means to make themselves more visible.
  • If you see an alpha flag it tells you that there is a swimmer or diver in the water.
  • Swimmers and other lake users may be in any area of the lake, any time of day or night.
  • Make yourself aware of the lake byelaws for the National Park's lakes.
  • If you are using a powerboat, make sure you have had suitable training.
  • Know your lake.


Take early action, keep well clear

  • Keep as far away from swimmers and their support boats as possible.
  • Remember boats supporting swimmers can not move out of your way.
  • Your wash can put swimmers and other lake users into serious difficulty.
  • Slow down and keep a safe distance.

Turn off engine

Kill the engine, protect the swimmer!

  • Always wear a kill cord and ensure it is attached to the driver and the boat. More info on the RYA Kill Cord web page (RYA website opens in new window)
  • In an emergency, if you do get too close to a swimmer, turn off your engine to stop injury from propellers.

In an emergency

Call 999 and ask for the coastguard.

Summary leaflets and posters

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