Lake District Ranger in patrol boat on Windermere

Lake Ranger Boat Experience

The experience

Experience the National Park by water, guided by a Lake District Ranger for a trip that combines incredible views and real-life adventure. Learn about the vital tasks of the Rangers and the fascinating ecology, wildlife, and history of Lake Windermere – England’s longest lake. Learn to drive the boat and cruise around the beautiful lake, or simply sit back and enjoy the stunning surroundings of the UK’s newest UNESCO World Heritage Site – a place that continues to inspire writers, poets & artists; the birthplace of the modern conservation movement.


2.5 hours

Group size

1 - 6 people

Cost per person

Total of £775 per boat tour (entire boat)


Our Lake Ranger experience is currently unavailable

Details and booking

This experience is part of the English National Park Experience Collection - experiences and accommodation for tour operators.

Start the engine…

You will be guided by an on-duty Lake Ranger to experience the National Park by water, for a trip that combines incredible views and a real-life adventure.

Learn about the vital tasks we carry out every day on the lake and the fascinating ecology, wildlife, and history of Windermere. Do you know how Windermere was actually formed? Would you be interested to learn who has lived on the islands? Well, we’ll tell you the answers to these questions and even more by sharing some fascinating Lake District secrets along the way.

Drive the Lake Ranger Boat yourself!

Be prepared to really step into the Ranger boots and learn to drive the boat yourself and cruise around the beautiful lake. We will be teaching you some vital skills on board and you will even have to work together to complete a successful rescue mission.

LDNP Lake Ranger

Why should you put this experience top of the list?

We asked our very own Lake Ranger Ronnie Muggridge the all-important question:

“The new Lake Ranger experience is quite simply unique; this is the first time we have taken people out and about to truly taste life as a Lake Ranger on Windermere. The team and I have created a great fun and friendly session which involves learning some vital skills as well as some little known amazing facts about Windermere. Driving the Lake Ranger boat on a rescue mission is another highlight of the session and certainly, one to tell your friends and family about!”

Share your feedback with us

We would love to hear how you found our Lake Ranger Boat adventure so don’t forget to share your feedback and photos with us. Here’s some feedback from a recent customer:

“I felt very privileged to join the Lake District National Park Lake Rangers for an afternoon on Windermere. Seeing the landscape from the lake always gives a completely different perspective - it seems closer - even more magnificent. It also brought the heritage closer as we maneuvered onto the islands, along the shoreline and into the deepest parts of the Lake.

We were treated to lunch with a very confident family of mallards and heard tales of other local families who have made such a significant impact on the area. All in the very safe and knowledgeable hands of our Lake Ranger who, so obviously, was delighted to share his knowledge and experience with us.”

If you have any questions about the Lake Ranger experience do feel free to call our Lake District National Park information desk on 01539 724555 or email