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Wild Camping

22 March 2017

Are you keen to escape into the wilderness? Delve into the countryside, immerse yourself with nature, discover the remoteness the Lake District offers and go back to basics. Forego the luxuries and head out on an exciting wilderness adventure. Sounding good? Then wild camping is for you.

Before you pack your tent and run off into the fells we’ve got some important top tips for wild camping:

  • First things first, you must ask the landowners permission before you pitch your tent.
  • Treat the environment with care, you shouldn’t leave a trace of your overnight stay.  
  • To reduce the amount of impact on the wildlife and other people we always recommend you pitch your tent late and where possible leave early.
  • It’s unlikely they’ll be toilets so you need to make sure you are aware of the correct human waste etiquette. Make sure you are at least 30 metres away from running water and use a trowel to bury human waste.  
  • Remember you need to respect the environment so thinking about conservative noise levels we recommend small groups and opt for one or two tents in your camp.
  • We want to limit the amount of disruption to the birds and animals so suggest don’t camp immediately beside a lake or river.

If wild camping isn’t your thing and you’d prefer to have a camping adventure using a site, check out the camping and caravanning options here

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