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Water workshops back with a splash in the Lakes!

20 November 2017

The Lake District is home to countless lakes, rivers, reservoirs and tarns, and is renowned for being one of the rainiest parts of the UK with up to 3552mm of rainfall each year, so you could say we’re experts when it comes to all things water!

We think it’s important to learn lots about water; where it comes from and how to avoid wasting it, so each year we run water workshops for schools, in partnership with United Utilities.

We caught up with our water efficiency expert Sam Addington as she runs another year free water workshops.

Sam, you’re all set to offer more water education sessions in local schools, are you excited to get started?

Absolutely! This is the third year of running the water workshops and both the teachers and children have been really engaged in the sessions so I’m really looking forward getting back to it. I’m excited to be heading back in to schools I’ve previously visited and meeting new schools this year too.

Can you tell us what teachers and pupils can expect from these workshops?

Sure, the session is all about educating children on how to become ‘Water Savers’. I talk through the full water cycle with them, from where water comes from and how we use it to how much we use and how we can save water.

How do you make sure the children understand and remember the important information you’re sharing?

I try to make it as relevant to them as possible. When we talk about water cycles the children use maps of the Lake District National Park to identify lakes, reservoirs and rivers that are right on their doorstep. When it comes to them learning how to become ‘Water Savers’ we talk about their daily routine so they start to think about how much water they use, at school and at home.

So the idea is that after the workshop they will make changes to become more water efficient?

Yes, that’s right. We ask the children to make water promises I go back in to the schools a little while after the workshop to ask the children if they’ve been sticking to them. It’s a good reminder of everything they learnt in the class and they enjoy telling me of all the changes they have made at home.

If teachers are interested in holding these workshops at their schools what do they need to know?

The workshop is aimed at KS2 children and is free for schools within Allerdale and Copeland Councils. The session is just a half day and I’m flexible at what time of day I come in. Do just get in touch with me if you’re interested in booking in a workshop on 07826995838 or via sam.addington@lakedistrict.gov.uk.  

This is such important and relevant information for children isn’t it?

Exactly, it’s a great addition to the curriculum for schools and something that children can apply to their home lives too. I’ve delivered the workshop to over 3,000 children so far and the feedback from teachers has been brilliant, so I’m really looking forward to continuing the programme this year.

Here’s some feedback from teachers who have invited Sam in to deliver the water workshop for their children:

Joanne Brooks from Silloth Primary School commented: “The children enjoyed the activities and were engaged throughout. It certainly raised their awareness of how much water they use. I liked the water saving promise activity – the children are motivated to keep it up at home.”

Anna Orchard from St James School, Millom said: “This was a fantastic session which was at the right level for the age of children in my class. They all enjoyed themselves and learned lots about water consumption and how they could do their bit to help reduce it in their homes.”  

To book your free session contact Sam Addington on 07826995838 or sam.addington@lakedistrict.gov.uk.

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