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Top five benefits of making the Lake District your home from home

26 June 2018

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Johnny Vegas recently appeared in the BBC Sitcom ‘Home from Home’ which centres on the Hackett family and their decision to buy their own home away from home in the Lake District.

As with all good TV programmes, this is very much a theme of the moment with UK holiday home ownership becoming an increasingly popular option for British families.

But is it really worth following the Hackett’s lead and making the decision to buy a holiday home as so many British families are currently choosing to do? We assess the potential benefits:

1. Appreciate your surroundings

The vast majority of us are guilty of not truly appreciating what lies on our doorstep, with the UK being home to some of the world’s most beautiful countryside as well as a wide range of class leading visitor attractions.

The Lake District has both of these assets by the bucket load, which is why it is one of the most popular parts of the UK with international holiday makers. There is something to do for the whole family in this region, with glorious and scenic walking routes for Mum and Dad as well as fun filled attractions for children such as the Beatrix Potter Museum in Windermere.

Those of us living in the region often take this for granted and don’t truly appreciate how lucky we are to have such easy access to these world renowned attractions which draw people from around the world. When you become a holiday home owner in the Lakes, you can ensure that you too will be able to access these attractions and natural wonders whenever you feel like it.

2. Save money

One of the factors which often puts people off buying their own holiday home is the initial purchase cost and on-going yearly site fees which are required. However, luxury holiday park operator Darwin Escapes has recently completed a study which suggests that it may not be as expensive as you might initially think over the longer term.

The study found that families with their own static caravan holiday home could stand to pay as little as 50 pence per hour for holiday time compared to a potential cost of £5.43 per hour for those who opt for a comparably luxurious two week cruise.

This figure has been calculated assuming a 10 year stint at one of Darwin Escapes five star Holiday Parks with families frequenting their home away from home during key school holidays and the majority of weekends.

If you are not willing to settle for a static caravan and would prefer a lodge like the Hackett’s, then this hourly cost will increase to £1.12 per hour but still works out significantly cheaper than either sporadic holidays abroad or cruises.

3. Staying occupied

Anyone with children will appreciate how difficult it is to keep them entertained during the school holidays, with those long summer breaks being a particularly daunting prospect. It can also work out expensive if you are being forced to fork out for varying activities throughout these periods.

This is another area where holiday home ownership can be advantageous financially, as many of the Lake Districts holiday parks offer residents access to facilities, activities and entertainment as part of their annual site fees to ensure that all members of the family will have something to do whilst on-site.

This means you wouldn’t have to frantically think of things to do each day with your offspring and also ensures that you won’t face as many unexpected fees to cover the cost of your daily family expeditions. Yet more potential long running cost savings that you might not have anticipated, but be warned that this luxury is not available at all holiday parks. Make sure you check this out before committing to a purchase.

4. Comfortable surroundings

How often have you enjoyed a holiday, but upon returning home uttered the phrase “there is nowhere like your own bed”?

It doesn’t matter how great a holiday has been, returning home almost always brings a comforting sensation as you are once again surrounded by your own personal belongings, keep sakes and styling.

Well, when you own a holiday home you don’t ever have to abandon your home from home comforts as you will be able to fill your second home with your own personal touches, décor and of course your own bed!

Not only this, but it also helps to avoid those notorious arguments regarding how much luggage to take as the vast majority of your necessary holiday items will be there waiting for you.

5. Pack up and go

Had a hard week in work or getting tired of dealing with the wider family? How nice would it be to have the option to simply pack your bags and escape on a Friday evening to your own little sanctuary away from it all?

This option will be available to you when you have a home away from home and is unquestionably one of the key benefits as you will be able to enjoy a break whenever you feel the need. At any time of the day or night, simply chuck the luggage in your car and head off to your own second home.

One thing to bear in mind though is that not all holiday parks will be open for the full 12 months of the year with many closing during the winter months. Make sure you check this out before discussing ownership at your chosen destination if this is a particularly important factor for you.

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