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Summit Safely from our Fell Top Assessors

10 February 2017

When heading into the outdoors we want to make sure you are prepared so you can get outside and enjoy your time safely. This winter we’ve launched a campaign called #summitsafely to run alongside our vital Weatherline service.

Over the winter months (from December to April) our two Fell Top Assessors walk up Helvellyn to record, photograph and report on the snow, ice and wind conditions above 3,000 feet to post on the lakedistrictweatherline.co.uk.

The #summitsafely campaign runs for 20 weeks to support the Fell Top Assessor activity. Not heard what #summitsafely is all about yet? Well, during our Fell Top Assessors season we are sharing top tips for reaching a summit safely and to help you on your way we are giving goodies away each week. So stay tuned to @lakesweather on Twitter to find out more each week.

Our top tips when heading out into the fells

  • Check out the Weatherline forecast. Where available, check a ground conditions' report. Take the advice on board
  • Choose a route suitable for the conditions, your equipment and ability. If you are unsure, lower your sights
  • Do not over estimate your ability, know when to turn back
  • Carry enough kit to look after yourself if something goes wrong, or the weather changes
  • Always carry a map and compass – know how to use them. Do not rely on a GPS alone
  • Take a spare hat and gloves. They will get wet, and may blow away
  • In winter conditions take ice axe and crampons - know how to use them
  • Goggles are essential when snow and wind combine
  • In winter in the snow, wear four-season stiffened boots which are compatible with your crampons
  • If in doubt – turn back

The mountains are calling, let the adventure begin lakedistrictweatherline.co.uk

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