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22 March 2017

So you’ve decided to embark on the exciting adventure of camping, to enjoy the outdoors, the wilderness, the freedom and go back basics. The Lake District is full of wonderful, spectacular and simply breath taking sites for you to choose from. Once you’ve picked your location you need to get organise and make sure you pack everything you may need.

We’ve pulled together a campers checklist to make your camping soiree seamless as possible. Check it out >

Your tent checklist

1. Tent - don’t forget to pack it!

The size of the tent will depend on your group size and your camping adventure.

If you head off on a wild camping mission you’ll be wanting something as lightweight as possible, you may even consider a bivvy bag, as you won’t be parking next to your camp.

If you are opting for pitching up in an official campsite then you’ve got a little more freedom on your tent size (and accessorises). For a family or group camping trip you might want to think about a larger tent to make sure you have space to cook and store the essentials.

Top tip – if you’ve just bought a new tent, try putting it up at home before heading to the campsite, this will save you time when you arrive as you’ll know exactly what to do.

2. Mallet

You may find yourself camping on hard ground so it’s always wise to pack a Mallet. This will help you get your tent pens in nicely and avoid bent pegs.

3. Ground sheet

This depends on your tent design. You might want to pop an extra sheet on the ground in the communal areas to avoid lots of grass and mud spreading into your sleeping area.

4. Electric hook up

You may want to have electricity in your tent. Your campsite might have electric hook ups. In order to access power you’ll need a cable to connect up.

Your sleeping checklist

1. Sleeping bag

The right sleeping bag can make all the difference to a good night’s sleep.

It’s good to know what season rating your sleeping bag is, generally speaking a season 1 sleeping bag is suitable for Summer, a season 2 sleeping bag is suitable for Summer and Spring, a 3 season sleeping bag is suitable for Spring, Summer and Autumn and a season 4 sleeping bag is suitable for all year round. It’s always advisable to check with the brand of your bag to get a better understanding of how warm it’ll keep you.

2. Camping mat

You’ve got a lot of choice here. You might want to opt for a traditional foam roll mat, or a self-inflating mat or splash out with a air bed. If you are wild camping the light weight option is always advisable but the choice is yours. Just remember the size of your tent and how many people need to sleep inside!

3. Pillow

You could pop a pillow in from home, have an inflating pillow or create your own. Top tip – use your sleeping bag sack, fill it with your clothes and you’ve got your own comfy pillow.

4. Ear plugs

These may be useful for those campers who are a little louder than you, who might snore. Pop them in just in case.

Your cooking essentials

1. Stove

This depends on your adventure, how big or small your group is and where your camping. Just remember, don’t forget the gas.

2. Pots and pans

You have choices here. You could opt for a lightweight titanium or aluminium cookware set but there is no need to go out and buy new kit, you can always pop your own pots and pans from home if this is your first trip and camping on a site or close to your car. Try it out, see what works and go from there.

3. Water container

It’s useful to take a container so you don’t have to keep running across the field to the onsite tap every time you need water.

Cooking utensils

1. The essentials

  • Cups
  • Bowls
  • Plates
  • Cutlery
  • Sharp knife
  • Tin opener
  • Basin
  • Matches (top tip store in waterproof bag in case they get wet)
  • Coolbox.

Other items to consider

  • First Aid kit
  • Head torch (and spare batteries)
  • Toilet roll
  • Bin bags
  • Camping chair
  • Picnic rug.

The above checklist is by no means the definitive list but will help you on your way when packing.

Start your camping adventure today, book your campsite today.

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