A dog enjoying the lodge outside

Louis let loose in the Lake District

6 June 2019

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Keswick Reach Lodge Retreat has recently been named the Best Large Holiday Park in the whole of Britain by Hoseasons on account of its five star facilities and luxurious pet friendly lodge accommodation.

There is something for all of the family here; and this includes the four legged members of the clan as one of resorts most recent holiday guests found out…

Hi, my name is Louis and I am a four year old Mastiff who enjoys nothing more than countryside walks, games of fetch and sausages…I really love sausages.

I’m a little low at the moment, because I’ve just been forced to head home from the best holiday I’ve ever had. Not only did I get to spend plenty of time with my family, something which I never normally get chance to do whilst the sun is out; but I also went to the Lake District which is my favourite place to go on holiday!

Normally when we head up to the Lakes, I feel a bit like an afterthought. We’ve stayed in cottages, hotels and holiday parks in the past and I’ve always felt that all of these places have been built with human’s top of mind but this wasn’t the case at Keswick Reach Lodge Retreat!

I can certainly see why it has won so many awards, with a whole host of facilities including some which have been made especially for us furry ones. Upon arriving, we were given one of their Yappy Days goody bags which had some yummy doggy treats and much more. The only criticism I have is that it didn’t have any sausages. I love sausages.

The lodge itself was very impressive, with loads of comfortable places to snooze and a massive fridge freezer which meant that there was plenty of room for sausages.

My full bladder didn’t appreciate the length of time that the humans took to unpack, but once they were done we headed out into the open countryside surrounding the resort for a bit of exploring. I had a blast, splashing my way through puddles and having a good sniff around the region.

When we got back I was covered in some kind of brown substance. It didn’t taste very nice. Luckily Keswick Reach has its own dog washing facilities, so the humans were quickly able to wash it off before we headed back into the lodge.

Normally in the evenings I’m left to my own devices if the rest of the family decide to make use of the on-site bar and restaurant. However, on this occasion I was delighted to find out that I was welcome to come along too as long as I remained in the cosy bar area which had a lovely warming log burner fire. The smells were mouth watering, and one of the smaller humans even wisely chose to order sausages. I do love sausages.

Sadly he didn’t offer any to me, despite the fact that I used my very best puppy dog eyes. On the plus side the staff were all very welcoming and made a big fuss of me. One of them even rubbed my belly!

I can’t wait to head back to Keswick Reach Lodge Retreat and maybe next time I will even get to sample one of those sausages.

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