Glamping can be glamorous

22 March 2017

Glamping has burst on the scene across the Lake District and has done so in style. Otherwise known as luxury camping, glamping is more popular than ever. You can have all the fun of what camping offers but with an extra flare of allure and luxury.

First things first. You must decide on what your style is. In the Lake District you can take your pick from yurts, Herdy huts, shepherd huts, tree houses, pods and bell tents. Once you’ve choose your glamping abode now it’s time to glam it up even more.

Forget the expense of a 5* hotel. Listen up folks. It’s all about the pre-planning. Get organised. Get creative. Think decadence. Go for it. We are going to spill the beans on how you can create your own va va voom of  5* living in your own glamping experience….


Even if you aren’t heading away for a particular celebration that doesn’t stop you getting creative, having fun and decorating. Think about packing bunting, rugs, throws, wicker baskets, table clothes, flowers and even pictures to hang on the walls. It’ll be a luxurious home from home.

For your dining experiences think grandeur. Why not bring your fancy cutlery? Wine glasses. Cocktail glasses. Vintage tea cup set. Cake stand. Napkins. Plates, bowls, side plates. Coffee plunger. Tea pots. Obviously transporting such items needs considering but the idea is you don’t have to pack your plastic knives, forks, cups and plates. This is glamping. Bring the style with you.


You are camping. Head torch is always advisable of course but also think fairy lights, candles, candelabra, tea light chandlers, storm lanterns, LED lighting options, side lamps. Think about setting the mood, dim the lighting whether using candles or electricity create the atmosphere you want. Remember, home from home, think 5*, luxury, you can create your own magical abode.

Food and drink

Ok we know when head off on a camping trip you seem to think about food you’d never dream of eating normally. It is of course true when heading into the fells, wild camping, and multi day trips packing the right food is imperative. However, in the magical realm of glamping anything is possible.

Planning meals before you go is the trick here folks. You don’t need to complicate things and we always recommend to keep things simple but think about what meals you could cook on the fire? What elegant, simple dishes you might like. Can you pick up local produce and cook a full Cumbrian breakfast? Pack your fancy coffee, chai tea, indulge yourself. Why not? Your own holiday remember.


The wonderful thing about glamping is your aren’t on your roll mat in your sleeping bag. Most of the time you’ll have a plush mattress, sofa bed or in some cases a four poster bed. So why not pack your thick duvet, luxurious bed sheets, fluffy blankets and extra pillows. Relax in comfort and style.


The good news here people is you really don’t have to use a dry towel or take your travel shampoo and conditioner set. The world of glamping means you can take your hairdryer, fancy face washes, even back your bathrobe and slippers. Why not? It’s your space for your holiday, so indulge.

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