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A Hygge Holiday In The Lake District: Exploring Ullswater

12 December 2017

If you haven’t heard of the Danish art of hygge, you’re not the only one! Until last year, unless you lived in the Scandinavian nations, the concept has mostly been a foreign one. In this post, we want to show you how you can have a hygge holiday right here in the Ullswater area. Hygge refers to the Danish lifestyle craze that is difficult to translate but sums up feelings of comfort and happiness, as well as the importance of surrounding yourself with all the good things and good people in your life. We want you to embrace the Lake District in this way and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ullswater with the people you love the most.

Ullswater is one of the quieter lakes in Cumbria, hidden deep in the Eden Valley. It’s surrounded by spectacular fells including the third highest mountain in England, Helvellyn.  With the Lake District receiving UNESCO World Heritage Status in July 2017, Ullswater is an even more special place to visit. With uninterrupted views and stunning natural beauty, we bet you’ll find it difficult to find anywhere more impressive!

We’ll guide you through your short break with lots of inspired elements, including some of our favourite excursions around the local area, and a taste of some ultimate Danish inspired food. We have everything covered for you to experience hygge; you may even be taking part already but just don’t realise it!

Steam boat on a lake on a beautiful summers day

Get Outdoors

Embrace the magnificent landscape available on your doorstep just like the Danish like to do in their home country. There’s nothing quite like the fresh air of the Lake District, and heading outside to enjoy it is the perfect way to spend a day. Take the beautiful Howtown to Glenridding route for a day out; it’s one of Lakeland’s most breath-taking walks. With stunning views of the Ullswater Valley and Helvellyn range, it’s certainly one to try. It takes on average around 3 to 4 hours to walk the 7-mile route, depending on your walking ability. Why not stop off to admire the view, or open that flask for a quick tea break! Remember to be prepared, wear the correct footwear and bring lots of supplies. Cruise from Pooley Bridge to Howtown to start your walk to Glenridding and then take a Steamer back to Pooley Bridge.

Another must see during a short break around Ullswater is a visit to the stunning Aira Force with its breath-taking views and the sound of cascading water over the rocks. Just a stone’s throw from Ullswater, it’s owned by the National Trust and is one of the most famous and visited waterfalls in the Lake District. Aira Force is set in ancient woodland, and you can stand and admire the view from the bridge viewpoint. There are two routes up to the waterfall; they’re both a leisurely stroll along a managed path, suitable for even the smallest of explorers. Don’t forget to visit the ‘penny trees’ on the left path; the fallen tree trunks are packed with coins that are believed to bring you good luck. Even poet William Wordsworth took inspiration from the beautiful surrounds of Aira Force to write his poem "Daffodils". There’s a car park both at Aira Force and Glencoyne Bay along with a tearoom and shop on site.


Comfort Food

There’s nothing better after a day out in the Lake District than tucking in to a hearty plate of comfort food. In Denmark, the winters are long and dark, and it rains a lot (some might say just like the Lake District!) When Danish residents get home from work, they need something comforting and warm to eat. The Lake District is the perfect place to sample some heart-warming food, and we have the perfect options for you to try.

At the Crown Inn, Pooley Bridge there are some very hygge dishes to try. The smoked salmon, roasted beetroot, and horseradish cream starter is a meal full of Danish inspiration. Next up is the slow cooked beef and Lancaster Bomber pot pie, creamed potatoes and pickled red cabbage with rich thyme gravy. Nothing says hygge more than a slow-cooked dish, full of comfort and heart-warming accompaniments. To finish off, if you still have the room, why not try the delicious mulled winter fruit crumble, with brandy sauce. It’s the perfect meal to warm you up after a day spent outside in the cold exploring all Ullswater has to offer.

Finally, don’t forget the hot drink to accompany your food; In Denmark 86% of people associate hot drinks with hygge. Whether tea or coffee, a whipped cream topped hot chocolate, or a mulled wine for those special cold nights, it’s all about that sought-after cosy and heart-warming feeling!

Food next to a roaring fire

Put Your Feet Up

Taking time out to enjoy life’s small moments is one of the most important features of hygge. Find somewhere to rest your feet after a long day where a crackling log fire and welcoming fuzzy blankets will keep you warm. Taking the time to relax, enjoying the simple pleasures in life, and focussing solely on the moment you’re in couldn’t be more hygge. What could be better than delighting in a home away from home where all you need to think about is being with the ones you love in the beautiful setting of Ullswater. At the Crown Inn, we even have dog-friendly rooms so your much loved pooches can join in the fun!

Comfortable bed and a lovely roaring fire

Hygge isn’t about routine or rules, it’s about giving yourself a break in whatever way makes you feel happy, and we think Ullswater is the perfect place to do just that. Being with your loved ones and making new memories is what hygge is all about, so make the most of your holiday in The Lakes and create something you can look back on fondly in years to come!

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