A beginner’s guide to glamping

22 March 2017

So you enjoy heading out into the outdoors. You like the idea of going camping but perhaps have never been, don’t own a tent or could do without the hassle of pitching your own tent. Or perhaps you just want a more glamourous camping trip. Then glamping could be for you.

What’s glamping all about?

Think breathtaking backdrop, outdoor living but the comfort of staying in a hotel. It’s a way of connecting with the outdoors, escaping your busy life, finding peace, tranquillity and luxury. Glamping is a unique holiday option, alternative from a cottage, hotel or B&B, gives you freedom of your own pad but the excitement of going back to your roots, connecting with the outdoors and creating magical new memories.

The Lake District boosts an array of glamping options from Shepherd's Huts, Camping Pods, Yurts, Bell Tents, Herdy Huts and Tepees. They are found on our lakeshores, near rivers, streams, in forests, on the fells, working farms, remote or part of a vibrant local community. You are spoilt for choice.

Who is glamping for?

Glamping is for everyone. Couples, families, groups of friends or solo travellers. The nice thing about glamping is you select the type of abode you want to fit your party. If you don’t want to rough it too much if you don’t have to, so you can opt for a double bed, proper linen and towels or if you fancy an adventure you can strip it back with the basics in a pod.

Top tip - choose the right glamping experience to suit everyone’s needs in your party.

Why choose glamping?

Connect with the outdoors

It's an opportunity to step outside your accommodation choice, enjoy the luxury of a hotel but in the morning instead of stepping out onto a balcony or hotel corridor, you open your door and feel the grass between your toes. At night listen to the wind, hear the rain on the roof, the stream running close by, watch the stars, have a campfire – simply connect with the outdoors.

Let the adventure begin

It's exciting, it’s different, you are trying something new. The outdoors is one big play ground, your adventure has started by checking into your glamping experience, no excuse to not get outside and have fun.

Think about the environment

Glamping can be a more environmental and sustainable holiday option depending on the type of experience you choose. Normally less electricity/ power is used especially when using the stove to heat your little abode and cook.

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