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Approval of Details Reserved by Condition

Approval of Details reserved by condition Checklist and Form

If a condition imposed on a planning permission requires you to submit further details for agreement there are no requirements for your application other than that it must be made in writing along with the appropriate fee. However you may choose to use the form below.

Top tip: The Government has introduced a charging regime for the confirmation of compliance with conditions. If you provide full details and specifications with your planning application, we will not need to impose conditions requiring the submission of further chargeable applications at a later date.

Please download the Approval of Details reserved by condition Application Form (PDF) (opens in new window)

Please make sure your application includes the right information, or it will be judged as invalid.

Application requirements

You will always need:

  • Written submission
  • Correct fee

For more details about when we need the information above, and what we expect, please see our guidance notes.

Application guides

Our guidance notes form part of our validation checklists. They provide further details about what information we require with an application.