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Non-material amendments to an Extant Planning Permission

Non-Material Amendments Checklist and Form

When planning permission is granted it is specifically for the development described in the application and shown on the submitted drawings, as modified by any conditions. A variation from the permission may mean that the entire development is unauthorised. However it may be possible to make some non-material changes to an approved scheme.

Non-material amendments are minor adjustments which do not significantly alter the planning permission which has been granted or its impacts.

Alterations are unlikely to be considered non-material if they would:

  • fundamentally alter a planning permission
  • result in a breach of condition
  • have a different impact beyond the site
  • or are bigger than an approved scheme

To make a non-material variation to a planning permission you must submit revised plans, the appropriate form and the appropriate fee to us. We then have 28 days - or longer if agreed - to decide if the amendments are, or are not, material.

Please download the Non-material Amendments Checklist and Form (PDF) (opens in new window)

Please make sure your application includes the right information, or it will be judged as invalid.

Application requirements

You will always need:

  • Form
  • Existing and proposed plans
  • Correct fee

For more details about when we need the information above, and what we expect, please see our guidance notes.

Application guides

Our guidance notes form part of our validation checklists. They provide further details about what information we require with an application.