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Prior Notification - Agricultural or Forestry Excavation and Waste

Prior Notification - Agricultural or Forestry Excavation and Waste Checklist and Form

The Government grants planning permission for certain agricultural and forestry developments which allows them to take place without the need for a full planning application, but instead subject to a 28 day prior notification process. If you are uncertain about whether this option is available to you, please contact us.

Please download the Agricultural or Forestry Excavation and Waste Form (PDF) (opens in new window)

Please make sure your application includes the right information, or it will be judged as invalid.

Application requirements

We recommend you provide:

  • Completed form
  • Existing and proposed plans

You will always need:

  • Written description of the proposal
  • Site location plan
  • Correct fee

For more details about when we need the information above, and what we expect, please see our guidance notes.

Top tip: if you are applying by post, please send three copies of all forms, plans and supporting information.

Application guides

Our guidance notes form part of our validation checklists. They provide further details about what information we require with an application.