Burneside Parish

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South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) and the Lake District National Park Authority (LDNPA) have received an application from Burneside Parish Council for the designation of a Neighbourhood Plan Area under Part 2 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended). The application proposes a variation to the area currently designated in the existing approved Burneside Neighbourhood Plan Area. The area now proposed for designation comprises the whole of Burneside Parish, comprising the parishes of Strickland Ketel and Strickland Roger.

Under the Neighbourhood Planning (General) and Development Management Procedure (Amendment) Regulation 2016, local planning authorities must designate (approve) a Neighbourhood Area in cases where an application is received from a Parish Council which consists of the whole of the parish council area. The regulations do not require Local Planning Authorities to invite representations to be made where an application meets this criteria. Notwithstanding, in order to satisfy South Lakeland District Council’s constitution, representations are invited.

Your comments are invited on this application from Thursday 16 April to Thursday 11 June 2020. Comments received will be reported and considered under delegated powers by South Lakeland District Council’s Director of Strategy, Innovation and Resources and also by the Lake District National Park Authority’s Director of Sustainable Development. SLDC is leading on this consultation with the agreement of the LDNPA.

This application is available to view and download from the Local Plans webpage at www.southlakeland.gov.uk/burneside-np. In view of the current coronavirus restrictions we cannot make hard copies of the application available for public viewing in Kendal at South Lakeland House, Kendal Library or the Lake District National Park offices. If you require a hard copy, this can be made available on request to development.plans@southlakeland.gov.uk

To comment on this application please email development.plans@southlakeland.gov.uk or write to the Senior Specialist (Strategy), South Lakeland District Council, South Lakeland House, Lowther Street, Kendal, LA9 4DQ to be received by 11 June 2020.


Burneside Parish Council submitted an application to designate the Parishes of Strickland Roger and Strickland Ketel (excluding land known as the West of High Sparrowmire site and part of the North of Laurel Gardens site) as a neighbourhood area. The proposed plan area was formally approved by the Authority on 10 June 2016 and by South Lakeland District Council on 29 June 2016 following a six week consultation which ran from 28 April 2016 to 9 June 2016. A working group has been established to prepare a neighbourhood plan.

The area that has been approved for the purposes of producing a neighbourhood plan straddles the National Park boundary. South Lakeland District Council in this respect is the lead authority and further details can be found on their website https://www.southlakeland.gov.uk/planning-and-building/south-lakeland-local-plan/neighbourhood-plans/