Policy 25: Lakeshore development

What are we trying to achieve?

We want to protect the landscape character of lakes and lakeshores from inappropriate development.

What is the issue?

Lakes are a key feature of the National Park landscape and we want to protect lakes and lakeshores from inappropriate development. However, we recognise that there are some developments require a lakeshore location. The attractiveness of lakeshore sites means that there is significant development pressure on lakeshores which are vulnerable to disturbance, pollution and the direct impact of development activities.

Our suggested approach

We have strengthened our intention to ensure the highest protection is given to lakeshores.

We have included an additional criteria that development should not have an adverse impact on lake navigation.

We have updated the policy to include development identified in Policy 15: Showcase Areas.

We are building resilience to climate change through the consideration of high and low water levels and their impact on development.

We have removed the requirement for seeking public access to lakes and tarns as it is not applicable to large numbers of applications and can be negotiated through Policy 27: Developer contributions and infrastructure if appropriate.

Policy 25: Lakeshore development

We want to protect the landscape character of lakes and lakeshores.

We will only permit lakeshore development where:

  • the development provides facilities or services that have a direct lake use function for recreation or water-based transport purposes; and
  • the applicant demonstrates that other locations are not feasible or viable; and
  • the scale, siting, design and character of the development enhances or maintains the character of its lakeshore location and the character of the lake, including undeveloped stretches of lakeshore, and
  • the development does not have an adverse impact on lake navigation.  

We define lakeshore as that area surrounding open water where the lake is the dominant feature in the landscape and directly affects landscape character above all other influences. The lakeshore will vary in scale according to other landscape characteristics and also in character including semi-natural, rural, designed landscape and developed lakeshore. 

Proposals should consider how the effects of high and low water levels would affect the development and adaption measures that have been put in place to ensure resilience to these effects.  

This policy will not preclude development that is identified within Policy 15: Showcase Areas.

Have your say!

Consultation closed on 29th June. Thank you to all of those who took part. Please keep an eye on our Local Plan homepage for announcements and feedback on the consultation

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