Policy 14: Allocations of land

What we're trying to achieve

[3.14.01] We want to support the delivery of housing to meet identified shortages, and employment and retail space that supports the economy of the Lake District.

Policy 14: Allocations of land

We will support the development of allocated land where its use reflects the purposes of the allocation and where:

  • site-specific requirements and considerations identified have been
    satisfactorily addressed; and
  • on housing sites, development meets identified local affordable needs.

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Current Situation

[3.14.02] Allocating land increases certainty about where development can take place. This benefits communities, landowners and developers alike. It significantly increases certainty over how planning decisions will be made on those sites. Applying for planning permission is seen by some developers as unpredictable and uncertain, and may prevent developers from bringing proposals forward due to the risk of uncertainty in securing permission. By allocating land for specific uses it reduces the uncertainty by establishing the principle of use, leaving only details of the proposal to be agreed.

[3.14.03] The allocations have been identified specifically to contribute towards meeting known needs and demands within the Lake District. We have not worked to minimum ‘targets’ for allocating land in specific locations. This approach would have potentially compromised our commitment to only allocate sites where we can demonstrate that they are well suited for their intended use(s).


[3.14.04] The detailed site requirements should be used to inform any proposals coming forward on allocated sites alongside the full range of planning policies, in particular Policy 15: Housing. The allocated sites along with the site specific requirements can be viewed on our Local Plan webpage.

[3.14.05] Where a site is not allocated, the proposal will be considered against policies within the Local Plan.

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