Policy 08: Infrastructure and developer contributions

What we're trying to achieve

[3.08.01] We want new development to be adequately supported by infrastructure, and ensure that developments can be made acceptable and contribute positively to managing pressures in the Lake District.

Improvements we seek to facilitate in the Keswick and Borrowdale Showcase Area - see large image

Improvements we seek to facilitate in the Windermere Showcase Area - see large image

Improvements we seek to facilitate in the Ullswater Showcase Area - see large image

Policy 08: Infrastructure and developer contributions

We will seek to ensure that new development is adequately supported by infrastructure, and ensure that developments can be made acceptable in the context of conserving and enhancing the Special Qualities and attributes of Outstanding Universal Value. To achieve this we will:

  1. only permit development where:
    – adequate infrastructure exists relevant to the development proposed
    without prejudicing existing users; or
    – additional or enhanced infrastructure is needed and will be provided
    either by the development or through a financial contribution to the cost
    of remedying the infrastructure shortfall.
  2. use planning obligations and/or planning conditions where a sustainable tourism or holiday accommodation proposal (Policy 18) is located within a Showcase Area to secure either the physical works or financial contributions to provide:
    – access and cycle improvements;
    – public realm improvements; or
    – other public infrastructure as identified in the Infrastructure Delivery Plan.

Contributions will be charged on either the amount of additional floorspace of buildings or additional bedspace provision. The rates and where they apply will be outlined in a Supplementary Planning Document.

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Current Situation

[3.08.02] The Infrastructure Delivery Plan for the Lake District identifies planned infrastructure improvements and deficiencies in existing provision. New developments can lead to greater pressures on existing infrastructure so it is important that new development is supported by adequate infrastructure. Where there is not adequate infrastructure in place we need to ensure that development provides the necessary infrastructure or contributes financially to its provision. There are many types of infrastructure which are defined in the Glossary.

[3.08.03] The Partnership’s Plan 2015–2020 identified three areas of the Lake District as ‘Showcase Areas’. These three areas are Keswick and Borrowdale, Ullswater, and Windermere and these epitomise the Lake District’s credentials as a World Heritage Site. The Partnership’s Plan identifies that the intentions of Showcase Areas are to:
– offer visitors opportunity to experience and engage with a broad range of what makes the Lake District special, illustrating the Lake District’s character and cultural significance, as well as offering a whole range of experiences of adventure and
hospitality within them;
– offer visitors the best opportunities to see and experience the Special Qualities;
– increase the average length of stay by visitors;
– provide the greatest opportunities to make it easy and attractive for visitors to move
through these areas without being reliant upon having their own car;
– enhance movement travel to, from and between these Showcase Areas.

[3.08.04] When selecting these three areas in the Partnership’s Plan, particular regard was had to the implications of high visitor numbers. Critical to the concept of a Showcase Area is a means of managing visitor demands and pressures.

[3.08.05] The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is not currently viable given the type and scale of development that takes place in the Lake District. However, the Authority can impose a tariff based payment on new development to fill identified infrastructure gaps.


[3.08.06] The Authority will seek advice on site-specific requirements from infrastructure providers and statutory consultees at the point of a planning application being submitted or as part of pre-application discussions.

[3.08.07] We will use the Cumbria Development Design Guide to inform required parking standards for new development proposals which will require certain standards of parking provision, such are residential development schemes, employment site developments, retail sites, tourism attractions, or hotels and guest accommodation.

[3.08.08] Where infrastructure is found to be inadequate for the development proposed we will seek either the physical improvements to the infrastructure or a financial contribution to its improvement through a planning condition or a planning obligation. Further guidance on how we will apply the financial contribution mechanism for the planning obligation is set out in the Supplementary Planning Document.

[3.08.09] Planning obligations may relate to on-site or off-site provision of:
– highways infrastructure
– sustainable transport infrastructure
– service and utilities infrastructure
– enhancement and maintenance of the historic environment and heritage assets
– biodiversity or wildlife corridors
– enhancement of the public realm
– maintenance and enhancement of public rights of way
– open spaces, local green space, sports and leisure provision and/or play areas
– flood defences and mitigation and adaptation
– education provision
– health facilities
– facilities providing accessibility for all e.g. Changing Places facilities

[3.08.10] Financial contributions from Planning Obligations will be pooled in order to fund infrastructure items necessary to support development. All such agreements shall be necessary to make the development acceptable in planning terms, directly related to the development and fairly and reasonably related in scale and kind. Figures 5–7 demonstrate what we are trying to achieve and provide examples of how pooled contributions will deliver improvements to infrastructure within the Showcase Areas. Details of infrastructure projects are found in the Infrastructure Delivery Plan.

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Draft supplementary planning document

Draft Supplementary Planning Documents have been produced to support the consultation of the Pre-Submission Local Plan. Their purpose is to give the reader a flavour of how we anticipate specific policies in the Local Plan will be implemented.

Infrastructure and Developer Contributions

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