Our Vision and Strategic Objectives

We believe that fundamental to our ability to manage the Lake District is that we have a clear Vision for how we ultimately want the place to be. The Vision and Vision Outcomes were agreed by the Lake District National Park Partnership in 2006, and were reviewed as part of the preparation of the Lake District National Park Partnership’s Plan 2015–2020. In order to deliver our collective vision our strategic objectives all relate to delivery of this Vision. The Strategic Objectives for the Local Plan are presented as “specifically this means” and the “cross cutting objectives”.

The 2030 Vision for the English Lake District is that it will be:

An inspirational example of sustainable development in action.

A place where its prosperous economy, world class visitor experiences and vibrant communities come together to sustain the spectacular landscape, its wildlife and cultural heritage.

Local people, visitors, and the many organisations working in the Lake District or have a contribution to make to it, must be united in achieving this.

Our Vision

The 2030 Vision for the English Lake District is that it will be an inspirational example of sustainable development in action – see our four headings below and how they link to our Strategic Objectives:

Prosperous economy

We will see the following Vision outcome:
Businesses will locate in the National Park because they value the quality of opportunity, environment and lifestyle it offers – many will draw on a strong connection to the landscape. Entrepreneurial spirit will be nurtured across all sectors and traditional industries maintained to ensure a diverse economy

Specifically this means:

  • A diverse and growing economy, supporting higher paid jobs, utilising a range of employment spaces that provide a choice of employment opportunities for everyone.
  • Profitable and sustainable land management, farming, and forestry industries.
  • The Lake District is a year round destination with more longer staying visitors supporting the economy

Vibrant communities

We will see the following Vision outcome:
People successfully living, working and relaxing within upland, valley and lakeside places where distinctive local character is maintained and celebrated.

Specifically this means:

  • A balanced and resilient housing market with a high proportion of properties in permanent occupation, and a supply of new homes that meet local people’s needs and maximises the delivery of affordable housing.
  • Community and cultural facilities and local services are sustained, and communities have improved availability and access to well paid jobs, high quality greenspaces, recreation facilities and the countryside.

Visitor experience

We will see the following Vision outcome:
High quality and unique experiences for visitors within a stunning and globally significant landscape. Experiences that compete with the best in the international market.

Specifically this means:

  • Changing visitor expectations are met by a diverse range of quality accommodation.
  • Every visitor has the best experience that the Lake District offers through improved attractions, high quality public realm and amenities, and accessible visitor information; in turn appreciation and understanding of the Lake District is enhanced.

Spectacular landscape, wildlife and cultural heritage

We will see the following Vision outcome:
A landscape which provides an irreplaceable source of inspiration, whose benefits to people and wildlife are valued and improved. A landscape whose natural and cultural resources are assets to be managed and used wisely for future generations.

Specifically this means:

  • The extraordinary beauty and harmony of the Lake District landscape and its attributes of Outstanding Universal Value and Special Qualities are conserved and enhanced.
  • Design is inspired by and contributes to local distinctiveness, and natural resources and cultural heritage assets are conserved, enhanced, utilised, and managed.
  • Bigger, better and more joined up resilient habitats support wildlife and species, and the function of ecosystems are improved whilst the evolution of the cultural landscape is respected.

Strategic Objectives cross cutting themes

Health and wellbeing

An important contribution to the nation’s wellbeing is made by opportunities in the Lake District as people benefit physically and mentally.

Connectivity and Infrastructure

  • People and businesses have complete coverage of digital infrastructure in every valley.
  • People move easily between destinations utilising enhanced, integrated, and sustainable transport services and infrastructure, travel and orientation information, delivering a better choice of attractive travel options.

World Heritage and local character

Distinctiveness of place and individual character of valleys is recognised, and reflected by the character and form of new development, enabling the appropriate evolution and benefits befitting a National Park and World Heritage Site.

Climate Change and Resilience

Resilience to climate change and extreme weather events is improved by greater adaptation and mitigation. Improved energy efficiency, local scale energy generation, improved sustainable travel options, and reducing the need to travel reduce the Lake District’s Carbon Budget and mitigate predicted effects of climate change.

See more detail about how the draft strategic objectives link to the strategies in the Partnership plan.

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