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Planning Performance Agreements Service

Planning Performance Agreements Service (PPAs)

What is a planning performance agreement?

A PPA is an agreement between a developer and a local planning authority on how a proposal is managed through the planning process.

They are collaborative, establish a shared intention and set out clear project management. They are as simple as is possible.

As a minimum a PPA identifies the project team, agreed tasks and a timetable. They do not guarantee that permission will be granted.

Planning Performance Agreements are a chargeable service.

Why enter into a planning performance agreement?

They improve certainty on process, timetable, responsibilities and information.

When is a planning performance agreement appropriate?

They are best used to manage significant casework that is large in scale or complex in planning terms. Often a PPA is agreed at the concept stage and manages the pre-application, application and post-application process. They can be used for all or part of the planning process.

How do I decide whether a planning performance agreement is suitable for my project?

Please call us to discuss further – details are below.

What does a planning performance agreement cost?

Our fees are based upon our estimate of days we will spend on the project. They will be reached in agreement with you and  set out in the PPA. We aim to cover our costs in providing the service. However legally we cannot make a profit.

Typically it will cost £1000 to cover the preparation of the PPA and initial meetings. The cost must be paid when the PPA is signed. Further fees will depend on the project’s complexity and the scope of the PPA. Fees are subject to VAT.

Who is responsible for managing my planning performance agreement?

We will assign a PPA manager for your project.

Where can I find out more?

Contact our development management service:

Lake District National Park Authority
Murley Moss
Oxenholme Road
Kendal LA9 7RL

Email: planning@lakedistrict.gov.uk
Call: 01599 724555 - A Duty Planner is available on this number Monday to Friday 9.30am to 12.30pm

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