Illustration for farming and forestry nature recovery

Implementing the strategies by addressing five key challenges

The strategies set out in the previous section provide the context for developing the actions.

To help prioritise actions, we have grouped them under five key challenges:

Illustration for communities and economy

Vibrant communities and prosperous economy following COVID-19

Illustration for climate action and recovery

Climate action – achieving net zero and adapting to climate change

Illustration for farming and forestry nature recovery

Future of farming and forestry, nature recovery and climate change

Illustration for landscapes for everyone

A Lake District for everyone

Illustration for smarter sustainable travel

Sustainable travel and transport

These challenges have emerged from the State of the Park Report, the Glover review and early engagement with key stakeholders, and we believe they capture the most serious issues we must address to sustain our Park for future generations and deliver the Vision for the Lake District.

The following sections of the Plan give more detail on these challenges, and set out the actions we propose to meet them. We have grouped actions in four categories:


Actions for which implementation capacity or responsibility lies outside the Partnership, but which we believe are important to the future for the Park, and which we will bring to the attention of responsible authorities to encourage implementation


Actions the Partners can take together.

Local Actions

Actions that the many local bodies within the Park who are not themselves members of the Partnership could help with (see Local action and delivery)


Research activities that we see as of priority for improving our understanding of issues that affect the Park, and so improve our ability to act appropriately in future.

In addition to this Plan the key challenges will also be managed through the management arrangements and systems in the UK and the Lake District, which are comprehensive. Key legislation and actions that contribute are summarised in Annex 1. They include the planning framework used to manage development, and the statutory duties and responsibilities of the Partnership’s constituent organisations.