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2030 Vision for the Lake District

We believe that fundamental to our ability to manage the Lake District successfully, as both a World Heritage Site and National Park, is that we have a clear, shared Vision for how we ultimately want the place to be; we use our Vision to guide our management approaches and decisions.

Our Vision for 2030, set out below, describes where we want to be.

The 2030 Vision for the Lake District is that it will be:

An inspirational example of sustainable development in action.

A place where its prosperous economy, world class visitor experiences and vibrant communities come together to sustain the spectacular landscape, its wildlife and cultural heritage.

Local people, visitors, and the many organisations working in the Lake District or have a contribution to make to it, must be united in achieving this.

Four Vision Themes support delivery of the Vision:

  • Spectacular landscape, wildlife and cultural heritage
  • Vibrant communities
  • Prosperous economy
  • Visitor experience

2030 Vision for the Lake District

This Vision was agreed in 2006 and remains the guiding framework for this Plan. The State of Park Report 2018 describes progress so far.

The Vision is based on the premise that the spectacular landscape, and its rich wildlife and cultural heritage are the reasons for the National Park designation and that, consistent with the legislation that sits behind the National Park status, these attributes take precedence when there is irresolvable conflict between competing interests.