Lake District National Park Partnership vision

Welcome to the consultation on the Partnership’s Management Plan for the Lake District

Welcome to the English Lake District – a unique example of a living, working landscape. This shared Partnership’s Management Plan (which we will simply refer to as ‘the Plan’) explains how we, as a collective of 25 Partners organisations will work together and with a wider network of people, to undertake ambitious actions to look after the English Lake District (which we will simply refer to as the ‘Lake District’ in the rest of this Plan). The actions will help to continuously improve this special place and work to address key challenges facing the Lake District.

This is a joint Management Plan for the Lake District - a National Park and World Heritage Site (see map). This consultation draft is the result of a shared endeavour by Partnership members to engage and prepare this draft Plan over the past 18 months with a wide group of people and organisations.

The Plan contains key information and sets out our approach as a Partnership to looking after and caring for the Lake District, its residents, businesses, visitors, and environment. We will continue to develop the actions and seek the resources to deliver this Plan over the coming years.

We have undertaken extensive engagement in preparing this draft which was out for public consultation which closed at noon on Wednesday 23 June. We thank all those who provided views on the Plan and your ideas on how you can support its delivery to help to improve the Lake District over the next five years. The Partnership are now analysing the responses and will update the Plan for adoption later in the year.

Our Plan at a Glance

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The five key challenge areas:

Illustration for landscapes for everyone

A Lake District for everyone

Illustration for smarter sustainable travel

Sustainable travel and transport

Overview of how the plan and other elements fit together

Overview of the Partnership's plan

Help shape the plan - our shared plan for the Lake District

Thank you for sharing your views

This consultation closed at midday Wednesday 23 June 2021, thank you to everyone who gave their views.

The Partnership are now analysing the responses and will update the Plan for adoption later in the year.



How did you identify the challenges?

The 25 partners are incredibly close to the challenges facing the Lake District. Our teams are out and about working on them day in, day out. The challenges were highlighted through the most comprehensive review of the current State of the Park Report delivered by Partners in 2018. (published May 2019).

They were confirmed by the 2019 Glover Review of Designated Landscapes Review which also highlighted the need for ‘landscapes for everyone’. We refer to this as a ‘Lake District for everyone’.

Who’s already been consulted?

The 25 partners have been working together with a range of wider organisations to develop this plan since the summer of 2019. A variety of partnership sub-groups have been involved, as well as special sessions with Parish Councils, the CLEP Futures Forum, the Local Access Forum and Catchment Partnerships.

Partners have worked together to engage with farmers, and a focused Commission has been led by Place Innovation to engage to develop recommendations for a Lake District for everyone.

How has COVID-19 affected this plan?

The pandemic has impacted our communities and the Lake District economy. The disruption and response to the Covid-19 pandemic has delayed the development and adoption of the Plan by approximately one year when compared with the original timescales. However, while some planned engagement has not been possible, this has allowed space for extra engagement and co-development with stakeholders to consider many of the challenges that the emergency has brought into even greater focus.

It is even clearer now that focussing on the needs of our younger generations is vital, as they are our future. The Lake District must also be a National Park for everyone. We have the opportunity now to create new networks and change current perceptions, and ensure everyone feels welcome in future.

What actions does the plan contain?

It includes;

  • Asks - actions for which implementation capacity/responsibility lies outside the Partnership, but which we believe are important to the future for the Park, and which we will bring to the attention of responsible authorities to encourage implementation
  • Tasks – actions which are within the authority of Partners to take
  • Local Actions – actions that the many local bodies within the Park who are not themselves members of the Partnership could help with
  • Research – research activities that we see as of priority for improving our understanding of issues that affect the Park, and so improve our ability to act appropriately in future.

It does not include individual partner actions which will also address these challenges

What happens next? How will I know if you’ve taken on board my idea or comment?

The Partners are very keen to hear wider views and ideas to help shape and deliver the Plan. They will review all the responses and strengthen the Plan over the summer of 2021. A report to summarise the responses and how the Plan has been updated will be published in the autumn of 2021 along with the final Plan.

Is there are paper copy of the Plan?

We encourage everyone to view the web version of the Plan if possible, as it contains videos, images and links that can't be shown in on paper. However, the Plan can be downloaded here as a PDF if you or someone you know needs to access it without internet connection.

The survery can also be downloaded as a PDF, please fill in your responses and email them back to

If you need to request a paper copy of the Plan please email