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A conversation about the future of the Lake District

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The Lake District is a living, working landscape, visited by millions of people and home to over 40,000 residents. We are developing a new management plan, which will play an important role in shaping the future of this special place – including how we recover from Covid-19, respond to the climate and nature emergency, support the future of farming and support the needs of communities and visitors.

The Lake District National Park Partnership was set up in 2006 to bring together organisations to collectively manage the Lake District National Park. There are currently 25 organisations involved in the LDNPP and it is made up of representatives from the public, private, community and voluntary sectors.

Together, we develop and will co-deliver a Management Plan for the Lake District, which sets out how we will deliver our collective vision to sustain our landscape, wildlife and cultural heritage and underpinned by vibrant communities, a prosperous economy and a world class visitor experience. It also is a plan for managing the Lake District as a World Heritage Site.

This is the existing plan which covers the period 2015 – 20. It is now being updated.

Developing the next Partnership’s Management Plan 2020-2025

It is now time to update and build upon the last plan to develop the new 2020-25 Partnership’s Management Plan.

The Partnership has begun developing the next Management Plan, which will be published in spring 2021 for public consultation and agreed later in the year. We have worked with stakeholders to gather evidence on the challenges facing the Lake District, many of which were identified in the wide-ranging 2018 State of the Park Report (published May 2019).

The strategic challenges highlighted for the Lake District were further substantiated by the national Designated Landscapes Review (Glover Review 2019). An additional priority was also highlighted in this review – the Landscapes for everyone/Park for All.

Whilst it is important to acknowledge the scale of the challenges it is clear that through collective working there are real opportunities to do things differently that can have a positive impact in the Lake District. The key challenges are now grouped into 5 interlinked key priority areas for the new Management Plan, which overlap in many ways.

The Partnership’s Plan 2020-2025

It is now time to update and build upon the last plan to develop the new 2020-25 Partnership’s Management Plan.

Stephen Henwood

A Message from the Independent Chair of the Partnership, Stephen Henwood CBE

In these unprecedented times, it is difficult to plan with clarity and certainty. The Covid-19 Crisis has had a dramatic impact on the communities and businesses of the Lake District, as it has across the World.

It is too soon to know where we are on the long road to recovery, other than it will present both serious challenges but also learning and opportunities to do things differently and to work together for a better future. Given the scale and complexity of these challenges, we will need to work together as partners and with residents, businesses and visitors to take action.

We want the new Management Plan we are developing to be at the heart of this.

Partners have worked together to assess the evidence and identify the key challenges and opportunities that we need to address. Issues such as Climate Change, the Future of Farming and Forestry, Nature Recovery, Sustainable Transport and the reducing proportion of young people in our communities, affordable housing and risks to future labour supply are long standing and will come as no surprise to residents, businesses and visitors.

Although things have dramatically changed over the last few months it is important to ensure the right balance between the immediate priority of urgent action to address the pandemic whilst not losing sight of the longer term issues already facing the Lake District.

My priority is to work with Partners to consider how to turn these challenges and opportunities into a programme of action. But we don’t hold a monopoly on this insight and these issues, which is why we are engaging with people over the next few months.

A management plan for the Lake District must work for the communities, businesses and visitors of the Lake District. Please join in the conversation to help us shape it.

The Partnership’s Plan 2020-2025

It is now time to update and build upon the last plan to develop the new 2020-25 Partnership’s Management Plan.