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Recommended Reading

If you would like to know more about the archaeology and history of the Lake District try one of the titles below. Detailed reports of archaeological research and finds can be found in the Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society.


  • Beckensall, S. (2002) Prehistoric Rock Art in Cumbria: Landscapes and Monuments Tempus
  • Bradley, R. and Edmonds, M. (1993) Interpreting the Axe Trade Cambridge: CUP
  • Cherry, P (Ed) (2007) Studies in Northern Prehistory. Essays in Memory of Clare Fell
  • Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society Extra Series Vol XXXIII
  • Clare, T (2007) Prehistoric Monuments of the Lake District NPI Media Group
  • Waterhouse, J. (1985) The Stone Circles of Cumbria Southampton: Camelot Press


  • Shotter, D. (1997) Romans and Britons in North-West England (Second Edition) Oxford Archaeology North

Norse (Vikings and Saxons)

  • Baldwin, J. and Whyte, I. (Eds) (1985) The Scandinavians in Cumbria Edinburgh: Scottish Society for Northern Studies


  • Winchester, A.J.L. (1987) Landscape and Society in Medieval Cumbria Edinburgh: John Donald

Industrial Revolution

  • Bennett, J. and J. (Eds) (1993) A Guide to the Industrial Archaeology of Cumbria Association for Industrial Archaeology and Cumbria Industrial History Society
  • Cameron, A (Ed) (2000) Lakeland’s Mining Heritage Cumbria Amenity Trust Mining History Society
  • Marshall, J.D. and Davies-Shiel, M. (1977) The Industrial Archaeology of the Lake District Beckermet: Michael Moon
  • Tyler, I (2006) The Lakes and Cumbria Mines Guide. Blue Rock Publications


  • Denyer, S. (1991) Traditional Buildings and Life in the Lake District London: Gollancz and National Trust

Historic Landscape

  • Pearsall, W.H. and Pennington, W. (1973) The Lake District - A Landscape History London: Collins New Naturalist Series
  • Rollinson, W. (Ed) (1989) The Lake District - Landscape Heritage London: David and Charles


  • Brennand, M (Ed) (2006) The Archaeology of North West England Archaeology North West Volume 8. ALGAO and CBA NW
  • Brennand, M (Ed) (2007) Research and Archaeology in North West England Archaeology North West Volume 9. ALGAO and CBA NW
  • Clare, T. (1981) Archaeological sites of the Lake District Moorland
  • Higham, N. (1986) The Northern Counties to AD 1000 London: Longman
  • Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England (1936) An inventory of the Historical Monuments in Westmorland HMSO
  • Weaver, J. (1992) Exploring England's Heritage - Cumbria to Northumberland English Heritage and HMSO
  • Winchester, A J L (2001) Harvest of the Hills Edinburgh University Press

Other relevant publications

  • Brown, P and Brown B (2008) Prehistoric Rock Art in the Northern Dales Tempus

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