Inspiring - Its nice to do my bit for a place that has given so many great memories

Meet our volunteers

Volunteering with the Lake District National Park could see you doing all kinds of things.

Digging up gardens and digging archaeological sites. Meeting visitors at events, and taking them to the summits of the highest fells. Keeping people safe on the lakes, and keeping them safe with map-reading skills. Our volunteers tell us what they love to do, and we find a match to roles they'll love.

Hear from a few of our volunteers about what they give to the National Park, and what volunteering gives to them:

Jean Savage - giving people confidence

Jean Savage has been volunteering with the National Park for 10 years and has been leading guided walks for 5 years.  She loves taking people who think they can't navigate or walk on their own in the fells and seeing them realise they can. "It's about giving people confidence in a safe environment," she says. What a wonderful gift to give people, thank you, Jean!

Owen Osmotherly - banter whilst building

Owen Osmotherly wanted to give something back to the National Park, so he's been volunteering for 6 years since he retired. "It's very rewarding, you've got the banter going on all day and you're getting work done!" he says with a smile.  Volunteering can be as much about having fun and making friends, as getting work done.  That's why when you give through volunteering, you get a lot back!