Public Jetty User Survey 2019


This survey was carried out May – June 2019 by the Lake District National Park Authority on behalf of the group working on breakthrough action 4 of the Windermere Lake Action Plan – enhance the boat user experience through improved infrastructure and information at existing locations.

The purpose of the survey was to gather information from boat users about their use of public jetties on Windermere, any problems which they experience and any improvements which they would like to see. The survey results will be used to inform and prioritise the work being carried out to deliver the Windermere Lake Action Plan.

The online survey was promoted at the Windermere Boat Show (17-19 May) and in an email to registered boat users on Windermere who had opted to receive relevant information. There were 527 survey respondents which represents 16% of the total number of registered boat users on Windermere.

Survey Conclusions

The most used public jetties between June 2018 and June 2019 are Ferry Nab, Bowness and Waterhead.

The most popular reasons for using public jetties are going out to eat / drink, going for a walk / picnic and shopping.

70% of survey respondents have experienced some difficulties in using public jetties. By far the biggest issue is capacity, with all the mooring spacing being taken during peak times. Waterhead is the most problematic jetty. Depth and misuse by other users (overstaying waiting times and inconsiderate mooring) are also significant issues.

When asked whether the 2 hour (4 hours at Ferry Nab) waiting time is sufficient. 70% of respondents said that it was.

The biggest improvement to jetty facilities which users would like to see is better information about the public jetty and available facilities. That is – information on the location of the jetties on the lake and what facilities are there on site or nearby. The public jetties also need to be more easily identifiable.

In the final section on any other comments, people reiterated the problem with capacity and lack of information and also highlighted that jetty design is an issue, in that certain jetties (Bark Barn, Waterhead) are not easily accessible by small boat and that there are no public jetties with hoists for disabled users.