bird's eye view of ferry nab

Action 4: Enhancing the Boat User Experience

May 2019 Update:

The Lake District National Park Authority (LDNPA) is working together with South Lakeland District Council (SLDC), the National Trust (NT) and Windermere Lake Cruises (WLC) to improve access and facilities for users of both powered and non-powered boats on Windermere.


  • Based on feedback from the Lake Windermere Services Users Survey 2018, the group has prioritised Waterhead and Bowness as sites to increase public jetty access.
  • The group is now looking at specific options for new, additional public jetties at Waterhead and Bowness and exploring funding options.
  • Mitchell Wyke and sites in the Southern Basin have also been identified as areas where there is demand for public jetties.  The group will be working with landowners to agree access.
  • Bikeboat services will be increased from 2020.

Facilities and information

  • The number of warning buoys in Bowness Bay has been increased in response to dangers flagged by boat users.
  • An information audit on all public jetties has been carried out and signage will soon be installed on the new, replacement jetties at Waterhead and Bowness.
  • The group is looking at how to improve information for boat users.  The Windermere Lake User Guide is being updated with current information.
  • SLDC are exploring the installation of boat washing facilities at Ferry Nab.