Ullswater Valley Planning

Over 120 people have taken part in community engagement events in the Ullswater area.

The following groups are now moving the work forward:

Ullswater Valley Plan

This document forms the heart of this project. Thanks to everyone who helped create it!

Community Resilience in Ullswater

We are working with the Ullswater community to develop a more resilient local area, better able to withstand shocks and adapt to climate change.

In May 2013 we helped publish:

In July 2013 we ran a workshop looking at the factors that make the Ullswater community resilient. These included the qualities and resources that enable the community to recover after major events like flooding. The workshop went on to investigate what sorts of things you could use to measure this ability.

European Union Study

This work is part of a larger European Union funded study into Community Resilience, the outcome of which will be a framework for measuring community resilience to natural hazards in a way that can be applied in different areas and at different scales across Europe. For more information on the project, visit: www.embrace-eu.org

Link to emBRACE meeting notes: emBRACE notes

Who to contact

If you want to know more about any of these groups, or about the Ullswater Valley Planning please contact Cath Johnson Catherine.johnson@lakedistrict.gov.uk 017687 79633

Get involved

If you would like to get more involved, please log your interest by completing a skills and interest sheet (Word document). We will then send you information about this project.