Sustainable Development Fund: Projects so far

The Sustainable Development Fund supports many local projects including:

Recent projects

Second Nature UK Ltd (Thermafleece)

£9,607 towards the development of a new thermal and acoustic insulation product for the Thermafleece range. Edenbloc, a rigid wool fibre board, has been developed as an alternative to polystyrene and wood fibre boards. Made from British wool carpet waste and naturally sourced binding, it is the first 100 per cent natural product of its kind in the UK.

Keswick community hydropower design study

£2,350 towards a design study for the re-introduction of hydro power at Brigham Forge, on the River Greta in Keswick.  This community initiative has aspirations to the sell the power generated from a 50Kw turbine into the national grid with the income then used to fund other community projects in the Keswick area.

Cartmel Fell Community Trust

£300 towards the insulation of Cartmel Fell Hall. The grant allowed for cavity wall and Thermafleece insulation, thereby reducing the electricity consumption and carbon footprint.

Christian Outdoor Pursuits Trust

£12,000 towards a wood fuel (wood chip), space and water heating system, for the 21 bedroom Bassenfell Manor Christian Centre, near Keswick. The project provides a great example of a larger scale application for wood fuel in the north of the National Park.

Helsington and Brigsteer village hall

£12,000 towards a wood fuel (wood pellet) boiler for a new eco-friendly village hall to replace the Nissen hut which has been in use for the last 50 years.

Cumbria Youth Alliance - John Muir Award in Cumbria

£12,500 towards further activity to develop and grow the John Muir Award in Cumbria. The John Muir Award is a nationally recognised environmental award scheme, which encourages awareness and responsibility for the natural environment in a spirit of fun, adventure and exploration.

Cumbria County Scout Council - Pull Wyke scout camp

£2,000 towards the replacement of a decrepit timber toilet block with a new sustainable toilet and septic tank facility.

Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS)

£5,000 towards the Cumbria Green Build Festival. This regionally renowned fortnight of over eighty events held every October, exists to help people reduce their energy requirements and promote adaptation to climate change in the built environment.

Newbiggin Village Hall

£10,000 towards the installation of renewable energy technology in the new environmentally friendly community hall. The hall will provide the amenities and facilities the village has lost and generate income to enable support of vulnerable groups.

Past projects

South Lakes Action on Climate Change, Cycle Fest

£1,000 towards the cost of setting up a week long cycling festival (May 09) - starting with a festival day in Kendal. This is followed by a week long series of workshops, bike nights and guided bike rides. These diverse events will appeal to different ages and motivations and to keen, occasional and non cyclists. See CycleFest (opens in new window)

Flora of the Fells on Climate Change

£768 towards a programme of works designed to encourage enjoyment and understanding of the natural environment, especially the Cumbrian uplands. The programme will include festivals with climate change action themes, website development work to underpin education, festival and broader climate change messages, schools education and resources with climate change focus.

Lakes Green Boat Gathering

£2,800 towards a free three day event (May 2009), inspiring the use of alternative boat power for those who are interested in reducing their carbon footprint. The event involved environmentally friendly boat operators - ourselves, the National Trust and Coniston Launch - and private owners of 'green' boats. It used promotional events and education activity to better inform the public.

Thirlmere Village Hall Refurbishment project

£5,000 towards renovating the village hall. Thirlmere parish has no shops or post office so the village hall is vital for community interaction. The village hall is used by hundreds from the local community and elsewhere but is desperately in need of renovation including a new roof. The project will also include a new heating system which will connect to the Impact biomass scheme.

Rocket Composter - University of Cumbria

£7,500 towards the installation of a composting system to manage campus organic food waste and providing information, support and advice to interested third parties. The project will be piloted initially at the Newton Rigg campus which is seen as the campus that leads the way in sustainable waste management within the University.

Impact Community Heating

£40,000 towards the development of a district biomass scheme providing the residents of Thirlmere with heating and hot water, aiming to tackle fuel poverty through environmental approaches. Two small boiler houses will be built and managed by Impact for the main clusters of houses at Thirlmere. They will be fuelled by woodchip from the surrounding under-managed woodland.

Ambleside Area Sustainability Trail

£768 towards a Sustainability Trail (June 09) which will include local residents, organisations and businesses showcasing their environmental and sustainable practices.

Eskdale Mill Micro-hydro-electric unit

£10,000 towards the setting up of a small scale hydro-electric generation unit in the Mill grounds which will be fed by the existing water supply, with minimal visual intrusion and environmental impact. The unit will demonstrate a working example of the potential benefits and sustainability of micro-hydro generation of electricity. It will be an exemplar of good practice for others to follow. See Eskdale Mill (opens in new window)

Energy conservation and generation in Bampton Memorial Hall

£10,000 towards energy conservation and management measures for Bampton Memorial Hall - including a photovoltaic system on the roof of the hall.