Windermere from Brant Fell copyright Dave Willis

Southern Windermere Trail

We're working on a new multi-user trail from the southern end of Windermere, from Newby Bridge to the YMCA at Lakeside. In the long term, an additional link will be provided to link to the Windermere Ferry, and the Windermere West Shore Way, that currently goes from the ferry to the northern end of the lake. We will create an accessible route for people to walk and cycle the entire length of England's largest lake, and to visit attractions in this area in a sustainable way.

The new route will follow the lakeshore from Newby Bridge as much as possible, but will also head away from the lake to key visitor attractions. Some of the route already exists as public footpaths. This project will include building new sections as well as upgrading some existing sections.

We are leading the project, working closely with landowners, stakeholders and local parish councils to deliver this long-term project. The project is being funded from the European Structural and Investment Funds and the Local Enterprise Partnership.

A stone path accessible route

We will be building the path using locally sourced stone to create a hard crushed stone surface, to make it as accessible as possible. It will be between 2 and 3 m wide with grass verges on each side where possible. It will have fencing on one or both sides as needed.

We are planning to build a new bridge over the railway, a raised boardwalk over areas that get very wet, and new embankments. We'll be putting in waymarkers and information signs to help people follow the route and learn about the local areas they are passing.

We plan to make the whole route a public right of way, with permitted agreements on some sections.

Progress on each section of the route

We're working on the route in sections. Each section needs to be looked at carefully to see if we need to make any changes to the route to help look after wildlife, like roosting bats, or to be considerate to neighbouring houses. We do this by putting each section through a planning application, so the route may change a little in some places from our planned route.

Section 1: Newby Bridge to Lakeside

Sections 2 to 4 : Lakeside to Great Knott Wood

  • Awaiting to be submitted to planning committee.

Sections 5 to 6: High Stott Park to the YMCA at Lakeside

A Low-carbon Lake District project

The Southern Windermere Trail is part of Low-carbon Lake District, a partnership approach to reduce carbon in the National Park and mitigate against the effects of climate change on the landscape.

This project is partly funded by:

European Structural and Investment Funds

European Structural and Investment Funds