Central and South Eastern Distinctive Area

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Recent highlights:

Troutbeck Ford

Work is set to start to reinstate popular bridleway bridges at Troutbeck Ford near Windermere, which were damaged during Storm Desmond. .

Troutbeck Ford

The river has been impassable since the damage to the bridges and the diversion in place stops users being able to access one of the most scenic routes from Windermere to the Troutbeck area and up to Kentmere and the surrounding fells.

This work, which will be completed in December, will improve paths for walkers, reinstate links for cyclists and horse riders in the area and open up the popular route once again. Ged Acton, Flood Recovery Project Manager said: “The new bridges will re-instate a key link in the local footpath and bridleway network for walkers, horse riders and cyclists.  During the bridge construction work we have legally closed the bridleway that passes through Troutbeck Ford.  Locals and visitors are kindly requested to respect this closure as machinery will be operating at the bridge locations during construction.”

Grasmere bridge

The whole central and South East team have replaced a damaged bridge at Grasmere outflow at the beginning of July, the bridge is an important connection around the lake to White Moss and is used by many people to get to the Village. A great effort from the team  saw the bridge completed in 5 beautiful sunny days.


Blea tarn, Langdale track and bridge


Drainage works have been completed and the rack surface has been improved around the beautiful Blea tarn access for all route. Along the route the bridge has also been replaced with a improved flood resilient one.

Pitching projects completed in February

Garburn Road (track), Troutbeck


This restricted byway is a popular route connecting Troutbeck to Kentmere via spectacular scenery including Sour Howes, the summit of Applethwaite Common and Sallows, that of Kentmere Park. Both included in Wainwrights 'Far Eastern Fells'. Storm damage had severely scoured out the base of the track at the Troutbeck side so 62 meters of pitching have been completed to restore and future-proof it using stone from  a local quarry.

Quarry woods, Chapel stile

Chapel Stile

This track is a similar story to that of Garburn road (and many others!). Another popular route through Elterwater following the Great Langdale beck,  80m of the track was pitched with stone quarried from directly above near Yew crags   

Volunteer work party at Dubbs road, Windermere

In preparation for the routes to resilience project work on Dubbs road to repair and improve the drainage and track surface, Field rangers Duke Knowles and Luke Waller worked with a great group of volunteers to rebuild some dry stone walls and repair/maintain stone drainage features built on previous volunteer work parties.


Upcoming projects for spring/summer 2018

Following on from a successful year and delivery of multiple projects in 2017, work has begun in preparation for projects beginning early spring and throughout the summer.

Storm Desmond greatly increased the force and ferocity of rivers and streams leading to entire bridges being destroyed or washed out. Below is an example of the damage caused to a bridge at Oxendale beck, Great Langdale (Left) where we will repair the bridge abutment and protect the banking by creating rock armour. The damaged banking where a bridge used to be at Greenhead gill, Grasmere (Right) will be repaired and improved. A new bridge is being designed to re-join the public footpath from Grasmere to Heron Pike and Alcock tarn

Damaged bridge

Along with the two bridges pictured above, bridge repair work is being planned at Trainswaite Hall in Underbarrow, Over End in Kentmere, Fox hole bank in Crosthwaite and Hugil near Ings.

New bridges will be created for Troutbeck ford and Troutbeck park to replace ones destroyed by floods. A historic granite clapper bridge at the Old Vicorage in Underbarrow will also be restored.

Track and drainage structures were damaged due to being dramatically overwhelmed by the relentless barrage of the floods. Resurfacing and drainage works will be carried out at Elleray wood and Dubbs reservoir in Windermere, Rowan Tree and Anthony Gate in Troutbeck, Corn Close Lane and Meadowplatts in Kentmere, Elterwater and Old Langdale Road in Langdale and the track at Rydal hall.


Rydal stepping stones

Due to heavy rains and flooding this project could not be completed last year but work will commence this Spring to repair and reopen this beautiful feature and popular path from Ambleside to Rydal

Stepping stones

Coffin Route, Rydal to Grasmere - Winter 2017

Extensive drainage and track restoration on the Old Coffin Route above Rydal and along Wain Lane and Mirk Lane bridleways between Troutbeck and Ambleside has been successfully completed.

Coffin route

Rangers have completed work  restoring historical features and drainage works on stone culverts along the popular Old Coffin Route above Rydal Water. The volume of water during Storm Desmond destroyed drains that helped maintain the path, leaving stretches washed out and prone to flooding.

Track surface

The path was once used to take the dead of Rydal to the church in Grasmere for burial. Easily accessible from tourist attractions like Dove Cottage, the route provides a popular circular walk with access to the fells and great views over Grasmere and Rydal Water.

Field Team

‘It was a challenging job with a variety of stone drainage features along path’, explained Ranger Scott Duncanson. ‘We’ve restored and increased drainage capacity using traditional methods, which looks great and should ensure the route is accessible in all weather this winter’.

Windermere - August 2017

Visitors to the popular Wain Lane area of Windermere can once again enjoy this well-trod walking route.

Scott Duncanson, Flood Recovery Ranger, said: “These paths were like streams for most of the year and largely impassable. The historical drainage problems affecting these routes have also been fixed to avoid future flooding, and finally the public will again have access to these routes.”

These two restored routes will enable tourists to gain direct access to the fells, and farmers and landowners to access their land and stock.

before and after