Supporting our work in the Lake District National Park

Frequently asked questions about donations and sponsorship

Where does my donation go?

We will use 100 per cent of donations given to us on the project or roles you have chosen to support, or for the purposes of improving, maintaining or replacing our Rights of Way (ROW) network according to the preference indicated when you make your donation. No VAT will be charged on your donation.

In the unlikely event that a project you are donating to does not happen, your donation will go towards supporting the Lake District National Park’s work, wherever the need is greatest.

What can I sponsor?

You can sponsor rights of way items - from finger posts and stiles to gates and bridges:

  • £150 could sponsor a plain finger post (no plaque)
  • £250 could sponsor a finger post with a plaque
  • £350 could sponsor a stile with a plaque
  • £600 could sponsor a gate with a plaque
  • From £1,000 could sponsor a bridge.

You can also sponsor people and donate to projects.

Can I have a plaque on the item I am sponsoring?

Yes, on rights of way items our staff can place a plaque for you. 

Plaques placed on fingerpost signs, stiles and gates will be stainless steel, 60mm x 40mm, engraved with up to two sets of initials and two dates. Plaques will be placed discreetly, on the back of gates, stiles and fingerposts, or on the side facing away from paths and public view.

Plaques on bridges will be stainless steel, 100mm x 60mm, engraved with up to two names and four dates.  Plaques will be placed discreetly, on the side of one of the main bridge beams, and on the side facing away from paths and public view.

Plaques are only to be placed by National Park employees. Bearing in mind the potential for adverse impact on the landscape and the enjoyment of visitors to the Lake District National Park, we ask that no additional items or memorabilia are placed in or around the area relating to your donation. This would include flowers, photographs or padlocks.

How long will it take for my sponsored item to be ready?

Items which are donated towards will form part of our normal work programme. Our target timescale for completing jobs in our work programme is normally five months. Currently however, because of serious flood damage sustained late in 2015, it may be 12 months or longer before we are able to address some jobs on our list.

How will I know when the work has been completed?

If you have chosen to sponsor a finger post, gate, bridge or another item of rights of way furniture, we will email you when the work has been completed - along with a photograph.

How long will my sponsorship last?

This agreement will remain in effect from the date of the donation until the structure (if applicable) requires replacement.

How does the 'In memory and celebration message board' work?

At your request, we may post a short message of your choice on the message board on our website.

Who owns the item I am sponsoring?

Items are usually owned by the farmer or landowner. Your donation does not give you ownership of the project or of any structure.

Can I leave a memorial in the National Park?

We regularly receive requests for memorials to be placed in the Lake District National Park. We do appreciate the importance of memorials for the families of deceased loved ones and understand how a memorial in a cherished place or landscape can provide a comfort. However if we were to give permission to all the requests we receive, the numbers involved would become extremely intrusive in this natural and beautiful landscape. For this reason we refuse all requests for memorials on land owned by the National Park. For memorials on the other 96 per cent of land in the Lake District, we ask people to contact the landowner directly.

It is worth noting that memorials, such as benches and structures, may also require planning permission. To informally discuss whether you need to apply for planning application you can talk to a duty planner or attend one of our regular planning surgeries - find out times and dates.

You can donate towards a selected location or project in memory of a loved one, whilst at the same time contributing towards the future of the National Park.

How long will it take my sponsored items to be ready?

It is possible that an item chosen for sponsorship may have recently been constructed and is already in place. Items older than three months will not be displayed for sponsorship on our website.

How can I find out more?

Read our full terms and conditions.

If you would like to know what information we hold and the purpose for which we hold it please visit the privacy notice on our website here:

You can email us at or call us on 01539 724 555 (Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm, Friday 9am to 4.45pm).