Mike McKinley

Mike McKinley - Chairman


CA20 1ET

Telephone number: 01946 726267

E-mail address: michaelmckinley@lakedistrict.gov.uk

Appointed by: Secretary of State (Parish Council)

Until: 31 May 2023

First appointed to the Authority: June 2007

Current Committee membership: Executive Performance Committee , Park Strategy and Vision Committee,  Resources Committee

Position held: Authority Chairman

Register of Member's Interests as of 14 October 2014 (pdf)

Find out a little bit about Mike:

What was your first car?

The original mini, that was a long time ago *laughs*

What was your first music record?

Diana by Paul Anka, we’re going back to the 50’s and 60’s here! *laughs*

What’s your favourite Lake District view?

Oh without doubt, coming up from Santon Bridge to the top of the hill, then you’ve got that classic view of Gable, Lingmell and Yewbarrow right ahead of you.

What’s your favourite walk in the Lakes?

Hmmm, my favourite walk would be one in Wasdale which takes me through Easthwaite Farm, down to the pumping station at the bottom of Wast Water, and then I cut back up to the youth hostel and come over what we call the ‘backlands’, back to Galesyke where I live.

What’s your favourite season in the lakes?

I’m not sure if I’ve got a favourite season in the lakes, hmmm, I suppose spring would be my favourite. It always has been a favourite because it sort of foretells the things to come and you’ve got it all to look forward to.

If you were an animal what would you be?

*Laughs* I think I’d have to be a cat *laughs*. They seem to get pampered and they have an easy time of things don’t they *laughs*.

Any other interests/ committees?

Well, I’m a member of Gosforth Parish Council which I have to be if I want to be the Copeland representative, which I am for the National Park. My entry on to the park was as Copeland Council representative. So I’m that first and I’m the chairman second. Other interests include sports and gardening, anything which gets me out of the house and keeps me active really.

What’s your favourite sport?

Cricket. It was pretty good on the sports personality of the year for cricket and Ben Stokes, they did very well didn’t they?