Geoff Davies



5 Coledale Gardens
CA12 5TR

Telephone number: 017687 78455

E-mail address:

Appointed by: Secretary of State (Parish)

Until: May 2023

First appointed to the Authority: June 2014

Current Committee membership: Development Control Committee, Park Strategy and Vision Committee, Rights of Way Committee

Position  held: Chairman of the Development Control Committee and Rights of Way Committee

Find out a little bit about Geoff:

What was your first car?

I’ve been registered blind since I was 10.

What was your first music record?

I think it was Apache, The Shadows.

What’s your favourite Lake District view?

What’s your favourite walk in the Lakes?

My favourite place to walk is where I live, which is just behind the fells around Braithwaite.

What’s your favourite season in the lakes?

Do I have to have just one? Autumn and winter are my favourites. When I remember being able to perceive colours, the rich colours of the bracken and the foliage and the low sunlight. I also like the invigorating experience of cold weather.

If you were an animal what would you be?

I’d be a raven. I think they have a sense of fun, a rather laconic way of expressing themselves.

Any other interests/ committees?

I’m a member of Derwent parish council. I’m one of the very few registered blind Munro completionists.