Our logo and website design

Our logo

What does our logo represent?

LDNPA logos past and present copyright LDNPA

The logo shows Wastwater's iconic view looking northeast to Great Gable mountain in the centre with Yewbarrow fell on the left and Lingmell fell on the right. Wastwater - England's deepest lake - is in the foreground.

The first version in 1951 included the road to Wasdale Head as did the second. However this was then removed as people sometimes mistook it for a river. In 2008, the view was voted Britain’s Favourite View by ITV television viewers.

Why purple?

Many organisations work within the National Park. We needed a colour to distinguish us from the green used by the National Trust and Forestry Commission and the blue of United Utilities.

Our inspiration came from the heather on our fells and the colours of the clouds at sunset and shadows on our lakes. Purple is fresh and modern, but also works well with our existing photos and images.

How much has been spent on developing your most recent version of the logo?

As the logo was designed in-house there has been no additional cost.

Why do I still see old logos in the National Park?

Applying the new logo and branding is a gradual process that started in July 2008. When something needs replacing, we will apply the new logo and colours. This keeps costs down and also makes the switchover sustainable. Our plan is very much "evolution not revolution".

Our website design

In 2013, we applied a new responsive design to this website. This was to make it more legible when viewed on Smartphones and tablets. We worked with the National Parks Portal Manager and website design company Headscape (opens in new window).