Sky News Statement 2 January 2020

In December 2019 LDNPA Chief Executive, Richard Leafe, pre-recorded an interview with Sky News on the subject of accessibility in National Parks. The journalist wanted to explore the question: 70 years on, who are our National Parks for, particularly following the recently published Glover Landscapes Review.

On 29 December the article was broadcast on Sky News.

During this interview Lake District National Park, Chief Executive, Richard Leafe said: “We need to be able to sell the national park to everybody in Britain, all society, and it's important that it doesn't just become exclusive to one single use group.

"The moment we get into that position I think national parks start to lose their relevance and therefore the very reason for calling it a national park and spending public money.

"We are deficient in terms of young people, we are deficient in terms of black and minority ethnic communities and we are not particularly well-visited by those who are less able in terms of their mobility.

"Our challenge is to see what we can do to reverse that, to encourage people from broader backgrounds and a wider range of personal mobilities into the national park to be able to benefit in the same way that those other groups do."

Richard Leafe’s original response to the Glover Landscapes Review was published in September 2019.