Response to Friends of the Earth Press Release 1 October 2020

Tim Duckmanton, Team Leader, Strategy and Programme Development with the Lake District National Park Authority said: “Through the Lake District National Park Partnership, climate change is being addressed throughout the development of the next Partnership Plan. We are developing actions within each key challenge theme:

  • Climate Action – achieving net zero
  • Future of farming, nature recovery and climate change
  • Sustainable Travel and Transport
  • Vibrant communities and a prosperous economy
  • A Lake District for everyone

“Our ambition is being informed by our climate change risk assessment. To successfully and effectively build resilience to climate change, action cannot be piecemeal. It requires systemic change at a landscape scale, with widespread coordinated adoption of interventions. The risk assessment will be integrated into the Partnership Plan and our collective climate action ambition agreed with partners. Our ambition is to work with local communities on a place by place basis to work out where best to plant the right trees in the right place.

“To contribute to Net Zero, for 2037, and reach the Government’s target for 17% woodland cover, we need to plant 6,274 ha of woodland in the National Park. That’s 369 ha each year until 2037. There is also potential for 3,527 ha of peat restoration through our work with Cumbria Peat Partnership.

“The latest State of the Park Report, of 2018 shows woodland creation in the Lake District (177.52ha), scrubland creation (2,233ha) and peat restoration (4,074.06ha) have substantially increased the capability of the landscape to sequester carbon. This works out at 22 ha per year of woodland creation, 444 ha scrub creation and 815 ha of peat restoration between 2013 and 2018, which has been achieved under normal funding and support over these years. However, we urgently require more effective levers to deliver increasingly wooded landscapes, which requires investment and improvements in resources, tools, and partnerships to achieve that."