Glover Landscapes Review

24 September, 2019 

Richard Leafe, Chief Executive, Lake District National Park Authority comments: “My view is that the Glover Landscapes Review is an energetic, ambitious and very positive report that I very much welcome. 

Positive recommendations

“It makes many recommendations on the central topics for all national parks, including nature recovery, the future of farming and achieving net zero carbon. Indeed we are recommended for a pilot to trial a new power on transport.

Partnership approach

“It picks up many of the issues that have been identified in our recent State of the Park report where we share the ambition to make further and faster progress. We are particularly pleased that the panel recommended a Partnership approach 'as per the model in the Lake District'.

More resources

“The report makes a welcome call for more resources for parks, many directed through a new National Landscapes Service, bringing together national parks with AONBs and other landscapes, to provide more national leadership. An additional 1000 Rangers, coordinated through the new service, is an eye-catching idea. Our recent strategy to diversify our income, through a variety of means, is also encouraged more widely across the ‘national landscapes’ family.

Further consultation

“The Defra Secretary of State has welcomed the report and committed to give it full consideration. How and when this might happen has yet to be confirmed by Defra. Any of the proposals that the Government decides to adopt will require much more thought and consultation before they become reality. That will give us an opportunity to comment on many of the proposals that would change the way we work, for example on the size and composition of our Board of Members."

Read the Landscapes Review: National Parks and AONBs.