Park rangers in ecclesiastic mission

Published on: 08 Jul 2014

Lake District rangers have come to the aid of a village church after a falling tree smashed gates and a stone plinth.

As St. Peter's in Askham with Lowther has a footpath running through the churchyard, help was offered with bespoke replacements for the 40 year-old damaged structures.

Lake District National Park ranger Scott Henderson said it was very unusual for his team to get involved in ecclesiastic missions.

He explained: "However, we were delighted to be able to help out at St. Peter's. Because it was a rights of way issue, we met some of the costs and that meant the lovely old church could have identical gates specially made and installed and the stone plinth repaired.

"It was good to see our field teams and local craftsmen coming together to produce a very impressive job. The gates will provide a very atmospheric backdrop for all the summer weddings."

Church warden Rena White said the damage had been caused by a diseased tree crashing into the gates and although the original metal hinges survived everything else was destroyed.

She added: We are very grateful to the Lake District National Park, both for the financial aid and invaluable help from staff.

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