Let nature be your teacher

Published on: 15 Oct 2014

National treasures combine in a compelling poetic journey to capture the mood of two world renowned bards.

Britain's best-loved poet, William Wordsworth, and Japan's famed Matsuo Bashō come together in a day dedicated to celebrating in their work and inspirations.

Lake District Visitor Centre, on the shores of Windermere, and Dove Cottage & The Wordsworth Museum in Grasmere are hosting a special day on 24 October when poetry fans can experience the sort of scenery which captivated poetry's leading figures.

According to Brockhole learning co-ordinator, Ruth Suddaby, the two writers - despite being separated by continents and centuries - had a lot in common.

She explained: "Both pioneered the use of everyday language in their poetry and used examples from the natural world to express their ideas. Importantly, both poets composed as they walked.

"We have taken this theme for inspirational journeys and are calling on people to join us for a day dedicated to landscapes and words, relaxation and inspiration."

There will be an introduction to the walking poets at 10am in the Foyle Room, opposite Dove Cottage, Grasmere, followed by a tour around the current exhibition, Wordsworth & Bashō: Walking Poets. Brockhole is presented in its autumn glory for an afternoon session, including poetry writing and tea.

Ruth added: "Seeing the words of these masters, whether in Wordsworth's small notebooks, or on Bashō's beautifully produced and illustrated scrolls, shows how they perceived and wrote about the world around them.

"We want to encourage others to write about the awe-inspiring landscape. Wordsworth said: "Let nature be your teacher!"
For further information and booking details contact Wordsworth Trust on 015394 35544 or email enquiries@wordsworth.org.uk. Tickets cost £10, including access to both sites.

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