Halt the litter blight

Published on: 07 Aug 2014

National park rangers have put out a plea to stop rubbish dumping at Lake District car parks and beauty spots.

One of the best summers in recent years has seen a surge of people enjoying the iconic countryside, but thoughtless actions by a few are spoiling it for the vast majority.

So said Lake District National Park ranger, Steve Tatlock, explaining most people were careful and considerate and even most of the litter louts were unthinking rather than culpable.

He explained: "Across the Lakes we're getting people leaving bags of rubbish, many assuming they will be picked up in regular refuse collections. In fact, this doesn't happen.

"We are left with rangers and volunteers picking up the spoils of picnics, barbecues, wild camping and days out. We've even had sleeping bags and tents dumped in car parks.

"We need to get the message out there that if the public wants to continue enjoying our sensational scenery and landscape they must play a part in helping to protect it. We want to encourage the three Rs - reduce, re-use and recycle."

Steve said well-meaning people bagged their trash and left it in a prominent place thinking it would be picked up and disposed of.

He added: "Obviously this happens in urban areas but in the countryside it would be impossible to provide such services. We've got to appeal to everyone to take their litter home or to the nearest bins.

"We have a particular problem with dog muck in plastic bags left hanging in trees. Sadly, we don't have poo fairies to find them and take them away – we have to and it's not very nice!

"Please, help us help you enjoy this world renowned area by keeping it litter free."

Keep Britain Tidy has helpful advice and kit on www.keepbritaintidy.org

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