Great green push hailed

Published on: 16 Oct 2014

Lake District National Park is one of the country's leading authorities when it comes to slashing carbon after achieving cuts of 25 per cent.

Carbon Trust has hailed the organisation's drive and commitment, saying while several public sector bodies aim for this target, it is rarely achieved.

With the long-term goal of becoming carbon neutral, LDNP is on course to make a further 15 per cent saving by 2017.

Carbon reduction adviser, Charlotte Smyrl, said achievements had been widespread and fundamental, with a 32 per cent cut in miles travelled by staff and over 200 tonnes of CO2 saved.

She added: "We are delighted that the Carbon Trust has recognised and applauded our efforts. It's been a huge team operation and the work continues.

"We always wanted to lead by example and show what could be done. Our new northern office at Threlkeld, near Keswick, is a showcase of green initiatives, with high insulation, LED lighting, solar panels and biomass boiler. It has the highest level energy performance rating.

"Across the organisation, we have improved levels of energy efficiency. More staff cycle to work, much of the lighting is automatically controlled, windows replaced with triple glazing and our heat comes from sustainable woodchip.

"After meeting our initial target of dropping greenhouse emissions by a quarter, the push is on to carry-on cutting."

Currently being considered is a plan to introduce carbon budgets to encourage staff to actively monitor and reduce their own emissions.

Charlotte said it would encourage the workforce to be aware of what could be achieved and bring in 'some healthy competition'.

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