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5. Our policies and procedures

This class includes Policy statements issued by the Authority and Customer service standards.

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The committees that oversee the work of the Authority were restructured in early 2009. The ‘Scheme of Delegation’ outlines the functions reserved by the Authority as well as those functions delegated to the appropriate committees.

Internal management policies that are available on the website include the ‘Procurement Strategy’, the ‘Information Management Policy’, and the ‘Terms and Conditions for use of online information’, including the online Payment Policy and the online Privacy Policy.

Planning and Conservation

The planning function of the authority has a list of planning policies listed on its web page. In terms of conservation policies, the ‘Historic Environment Strategy’ runs in parallel with the 5 year cycle of the ‘National Park Management Plan’, and outlines how conservation strategies are funded and delivered in partnership with other organizations.

Planning consent charges

Central government sets the fees for planning consent, which vary depending on the type and size of development - ‘Planning Application Fees’ document gives more information.

Alternatively, the Planning Portal’s fee calculator can assist in working out how much your application will cost. Cheques should be made payable to the Lake District National Park Authority. Please remember to include your fee payment as otherwise your application will not be valid.

Customer service

Our ‘Customer Service Standards’ are published on our website. We were awarded the Customer Service Excellence standard by central government in July 2008 and subsequent years. We are the first National Park Authority to receive it. We continue to monitor our progress and use an independent survey and analysis company to check this. We welcome feedback from customers, and will use it pro-actively to improve our procedures.

Human Resources

A selection of Human Resources policies are available through the website, such as the ‘Conditions of Service’, the ‘Equal Opportunities Policy’ and the ‘Financial Assistance Policy’ for relocation. The website features a list of current vacancies, with details of how to apply for each post.

Charging policies

Access to information

In line with the spirit of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004, the Authority will publish as much information as possible on its website, and will provide physical copies of sections of its website to customers who cannot access the website, with no additional charge.

Large-print, Braille and audio tape versions of information can be made available by arrangement and will incur no additional charges.

Whilst there will be no charge for information downloaded from the website, the Authority may find it necessary to re-coup part or all the cost of some printed publications as well as photocopying and postage costs, on a discretionary basis.

Where requests for information involve a substantial amount of work by Authority, for example, where there are a number of sources or archives that need to be brought together, then the Authority may decide (in the case of requests under the Freedom of Information Act 2000) to withhold the information, pending receipt of payment of the relevant charges.