3. Our priorities and what we are doing

This class consists of documents like The Partnership's Plan and Performance reports.

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The Lake District National Park is contained within the county of Cumbria. The Authority works in partnership with local authorities and other bodies to determine sustainable plans for the future of the National Park that embrace the vision: "Working together for a prosperous economy, vibrant communities and world class visitor experiences - and all sustaining the spectacular landscape".

These plans include the Action Plan and the underpinning strategies that are under review and subject to public consultation. These include the ‘Local Development Framework’.

The ‘Local Development Framework’ includes the ‘Core Strategy’, and the ‘Core Strategy for Minerals and Waste’. The public are encouraged to comment on the core strategies, through a link on the website, which also provides access to other comments that have been made by other public bodies, or by individual members of the public.

The Lake District National Park Authority is committed to performance improvement, and measures this in a number of ways. The performance of the Authority is documented on an annual basis in the ‘Annual Report Summary’ and the full ‘Annual Report’.

Specific performance on the ‘Local Development Framework’ can be found in the ‘Annual Monitoring Report’, published at the end of each year. In addition to this, the Lake District National Park Authority was the first National Park Authority to be assessed as part of the National Park Authorities’ Performance Assessment (NPAPA) process. The follow-up report is available online.