Children paddling in Windermere copyright Ben Barden

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"I come to Brockhole with the children because of the sense of freedom it gives them and the fact that I relax as soon as we're through the gates at Brockhole.

They run and just enjoy the adventure playground, they enjoy the lake... They just love it here. And because they're happy, I'm relaxed and happy.

[Children laughing and having fun in the adventure playground]

The playground is safe for toddlers. There is an area which is kind of fenced off for children under seven which means that you can again just let them go free on the equipment.

The grounds are just stunning. Absolutely beautiful. There's the footpaths down to the lake, amazing stunning views of the Langdales from those footpaths. There are tiny little coves down by the lake and they can throw stones in and paddle, which is lovely.

There's also some really mature gardens which are beautiful for me to look at whilst the children are running wild through them basically!

We quite often have picnics at Brockhole down by the lake. And also there's a picnic area up near the house.

The food in the cafe? There is a whole range from children's lunch bags which are great to beautifully cooked main meals both for children and adults. It's all delicious and very yummy!"

Young boy:

"I love Brockhole! I like to play in the playground. I like to eat in the cafe. I like to ride on my bike. Brockhole! Please bring all your friends. It's a brilliant place coz you can play there at the play boaty bumps!"

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