Lake Byelaw Enforcement

Lake users have a right of navigation on Windermere, Ullswater, Derwentwater and Coniston Lake.

These navigable lakes in the Lake District have different byelaws that apply – these byelaws can be found by following the links below (opens in a new window):

What to do if you observe byelaw infringements taking place:

If you do see any lake byelaw infringements taking place please report these straight away through to our duty Lake Rangers. They are contactable on mobile number 07768 320 241or email us at  and our Lake Rangers will respond.

Please provide as much information as possible, the more information provided the better the chance we will find those culpable.

Information to make a note of include:

  1. Details of the byelaw infringement eg: speeding above the 6knph or 10knph, navigating without due care and attention.  
  2. Date and time of day the incident occurred and for how long it occurred.
  3. The location of the incident eg: grid reference, otherwise a description of where on the lake it was near to eg: 400metres north of Bark Barn Jetty.  
  4. Vessel details – vessel registration number (this is a 4 or 5 digit white number shown on a black background) description of the boat eg: sailing boat or a motor boat.  
  5. Number and description of the people aboard eg; two middle aged males 
  6. To be able to prosecute we will need videos or photographs of the byelaw infringement. Please try to: 
    1. Video the incident side on for as long as possible.  
    2. Video the vessel passing fixed points on the shoreline eg: buildings, boat houses, or jetties.  
    3. Video or photographs which can show the vessel number.

We have created this template to record the details above into, which you may find useful.