For event organisers

Organised recreational events such as the Three Peaks Challenge have become increasingly popular throughout the National Park to raise funds for charity or as a personal challenge.

Well-managed events reduce the risk of environmental impact or disruption to communities. So if you are planning an event, please contact us for advice and specialist local knowledge and use the Checklist for organisers below.

Charity events should observe the Institute of Fundraising's Code of Fundraising Practice for the Three Peaks Challenge (opens in new window).

Checklist for organisers

If you are planning to organise a challenge, charity or training event this checklist will help ensure that it runs smoothly, your participants have a good time, and you will be welcomed back.

Please seek our advice. We want all organised recreational events, including yours, to be a success and sustainable.

  1. If your event involves Scafell Pike, follow the Three Peaks Challenge guidelines.
  2. Inform us well in advance - call 01539 724555 or email
  3. If you are intending to advertise your event with signs or posters please contact us for details
  4. Plan early and consult widely
  5. Ask for permissions (for example landowner, highways authority, police)
  6. Arrange appropriate insurance and contingency cover
  7. Avoid inappropriate dates and times, and remote locations with poor access
  8. Use public transport or shared vehicles
  9. Keep to appropriate participant numbers and brief entrants thoroughly
  10. Let your participants know this is a National Park with special qualities
  11. Be aware of sensitive landscapes, habitats and archaeological sites
  12. Respect the needs of landowners and the privacy of residents
  13. Take notice of forestry and farming operations
  14. Encourage everyone involved to stay locally and buy goods locally
  15. Remove all signs of the event immediately afterwards
  16. Acknowledge the co-operation you have received

Please take your preparations seriously to avoid situations such as Cumbria mountain rescue warning after five hour rescue (BBC News) (opens new window).

Three Peaks guidance and Code of Conduct

Take a look at the Three Peaks Challenge guidelines. Also:

  • Parking is available at Wasdale Head and Seathwaite, Borrowdale.
    Please do not obstruct passing places, gates, Mountain Rescue points, private tracks and roads.
  • The National Trust's Wasdale Lake Head car park is now open 24 hours.
  • Keep numbers of vehicles to a minimum. Coaches cannot physically get through to Wasdale Head.
  • The toilet facilities at Wasdale Head and Seathwaite are very limited. Please try to use alternative toilet facilities before you arrive. This helps avoid environmental health problems in Wasdale, Borrowdale and on the mountains.
  • Please take all litter away with you.
  • There is no mains water supply at Wasdale Head and Seathwaite, so bring your own.
  • Please be considerate of the Wasdale and Borrowdale Communities and other users of the area. Avoid unsocial hours between 11pm and 7am.
  • To minimise mountain damage please keep to paths, stagger start times and avoid congestion.
  • Please consider donating to in order to help us continue to maintain these paths for your enjoyment.
  • Please help us to keep Wasdale and Borrowdale special places for everyone to enjoy.

Events on Caldbeck and Uldale Commons

Please read our Guidelines for Events Organisers on Caldbeck and Uldale Commons (Word document)

and / or download and fill in our application form (Word document).

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