Rights of way - Cumbria floods update

Where can I walk, ride or cycle in the Lake District following the floods?

If you are planning a walk, horse ride or a cycle trip in the Lake District National Park please take a look at our rights of way map which shows you where you can go safely. Note: Please use this information as advice only and take sensible precautions and act accordingly.

Our rangers and volunteers have been busy surveying bridges and path surfaces on rights of way since the floods in early December 2015. We have more than 1,400 bridges and almost 2,000 miles of path to check and so have concentrated our survey work so far in those valleys which were worse affected. We have checked many of these bridges and paths already and we will continue to survey them until we have checked them all.

Many of the paths are safe to use, some have been affected but are passable with care and some are closed. Where we have closed paths, we have put up notices and cordons at the start of the path and provided maps to show where alternatives routes are available (if possible).

Please take notice of any notices and cordons on the ground: we want you to have a safe and enjoyable day.

There is further information on our temporary rights of way closures page and our Cumbria floods recovery update page.

How to use our Rights of way map

Open up our rights of way map. Then find the area of the national park you are interested in by clicking your left mouse button and dragging the map around. You can zoom into or out of any area by using the (+) and (-) at the top left of the map (or by using the scroll button on your mouse). 


  • Green dots: open - surveyed and fine to use
  • Amber dots: some damage, but passable with care
  • Red dots: closed - currently unusable
  • Grey dots: still to be surveyed

If I come across damage on a path how do I report this?

We have concentrated our survey work on rights of way in the valleys we know to be worse affected. There are some bridges and paths we are surveying in the next few days. If you are out in the Lake District and come across damage to the path surfaces, bridges, gates, or stiles then please let us know by calling us on 01539 724 555. 

If you have time and easy access to the internet, you can use our map to check whether we've already logged the damage and to look up exact location details:

  1. Check the map to see if we know about the damage already. If it’s a grey dot (or not featured) on the map we probably don’t, so please go to number 2 below. If it’s a green or amber dot then we are aware of the issue so there is no need to report it.
  2. If you can provide the identification number, it helps us locate exactly where the damage is. You can find this by clicking on the dot on the map where the damage. If there isn't currently a dot featured in that location, please select the nearest dot.
  3. Call us on 01539 724 555 with the identification number and details of the damage. The more details the better – so please let us know what is damaged (gate, stile, bridge, path), give a description of the damage and let us know whether you think it is a risk to other users. We appreciate your help with this – the sooner we hear about any damage the sooner we can react to it.