Cycling in the Lake District

Keep on the Right Track

Keep on the Right Track

The network of paths and tracks in the Lake District is a fantastic resource for all to enjoy.

Just follow these simple guidelines:

  • Respect the interests of other users, farmers and the local community.
  • Leave gates as you find them and keep dogs under effective control.
  • Protect the environment and please take all your litter home with you.
  • Enjoy yourselves!


  • By law you must give way to walkers and horse-riders.
  • However if you let others know you are coming – use your bell or give a polite advance call – many people will be happy to let you pass.
  • Smile and say thank you as you pass.
  • Be in control and slow down around other users and livestock.
  • Give horses plenty of room.
  • Be aware of sudden movements around horses, families and dog walkers.
  • Cycle sensibly – rights of way are not always suitable for challenge apps or fitness training.


  • On bridleways and byways be aware of other users and listen for their approach.
  • If you can, move to the left and let others pass to the right.
  • On busy bridleways and byways, try to avoid walking in large groups across the path.
  • If you have a dog, please keep it under close control or on a short lead as sudden movements can startle horses and surprise others.
  • Please clean up after your dog and take the poo bag with you! It is anti-social not to and you could be fined.

Horse riders

  • Keep to a walking pace around others.
  • Ride at a pace appropriate to the path surface and local conditions.
  • Hi-viz clothing is recommended, both on and off-road.
  • Be prepared to slow down and stop.
  • Try to move your horse off the route before it dungs.

Find out more on our rights of way frequently asked questions page.